Haven't taken a shower

Haven’t taken a shower in 7 days or so. This is the longest time I’ve gone through without taking shower my whole life. I’ve been struggling lately.

you would be surprised how good you’d feel if you would just drag your butt to the shower…I am always pleased after I finally get in the shower…it’s pretty normal when you are down to not want to take care of yourself. I didn’t brush my teeth or shower for God knows how long back when I was down…now I am trying to catch up on dentistry for that damage…get in the shower and just do it !! you will thank me later. sorry you are so down…hang in there man.

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thank you…

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you’re welcome dude… it will get better… patience is a virtue I don’t possess but I have learned it through hardship…I will pray for you.

Be/stood over if I did shower

I showered for this first time today since Friday lmao. Welcome to the club. It’s not like I do much anyways, just sitting here playing video games. But that is pretty damn nasty of me too. Idk lol.

I just realized that’s the longest I’ve ever gone, too. Lol.

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I was reading about showering “hacks” for depression. Washing in the sink, using a chair to sit on in the shower, just wash body and not hair if you don’t feel up to it… Maybe you’ll find something that works for you.

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Don’t feel guilty. Showering can be really hard sometimes. I’ve gone 7 days without showering too.

One thing that I like doing when I can’t shower is take a hot soapy wash cloth and try and wipe myself off. Then at least I’m not as smelly and don’t feel bad about myself. When you finally do shower I guarantee that you’ll feel much better.

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I just took a shower, now I feel better.


Haven’t taken a shower in 2 months, I feel very good. My skin is strengthened by dirt and I have lacquered hair for free. :slight_smile:

I took my first shower yesterday after about a month without one…it was hard to start but felt nice when it was done! I smelled so bad (esp since I had been carrying around a dead rat for a couple of weeks…I was pretty sick)! Also changed the clothes that I’d been wearing that whole month, and my next goal is to actually wash them.
Just do what you can, make SOME act of hygiene a part of your daily routine, and it will get easier…

For me it’s about being naked, I just don’t like it. There is wrong with my body. I just feel so vunerable.

I have to shower this morning, going for my monthly shot

I took a bath and I feel worse. I’m so cold and now I’m crying.

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