Forgetting to eat is not good

But, when I was psychotic, I would close off any desire to eat. It’s one of the main reasons I cannot trust myself to live on my own.

take care :alien:

Do you live in a assisted living facility

Once when I was psychotic I would do 1500 pushups 1500 situps 1500 leg lifts 6000 side to sides and 1500 of the other type of side to sides, 500 dead lifts, 500 bicep curls 250 shoulder press 250 bench press a week in my apartment and I would barely eat. I would wait til after my 3 hour long day workout and then smoke weed and eat chicken and potatos with tons of hot sauce. I was in such good shape the lady in the hospital touched my abs when I had to take my shirt off and admired my body. Lol I could never be that motivated again.

I could do 150 pushups in a row. I then was put on prolixin and it gave me muscle weakness and I couldn’t work out anymore. But that lifestyle was crazy anyways. I didn’t even feel good despite working out so much I was so psychotic.

God damn. How much did you weigh and now how much do you weigh?

If you dont mind telling.

I was 140…and my metabolism was so high that I lost 10 more pounds in the hospital because they didn’t feed us much. Now I’m 165 or so

Nice, ya that many is alot but when you weigh less you can usually do more. I go slow and try to do them correctly to get a full workout for efficiancy and range of use so that the muscles can perform when needed in my favor.

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I live in adult foster care.

Me, I live with my parents. But eventually I will be in the same situation as you who knows I usually don’t think that far ahead.

With MI, it’s difficult to think at all ! And we tend to hate change (because it forces us to think). Are you thinking of AFC in the future? You might try it before you are forced to just so you could fall back on someone if it doesn’t work out. I was in two other homes before I found this one. But this one is good for me - I’ve been here 11 plus years.

Geodon makes me forget to eat. I have started trying to cook all my meals. If I spend an hour or so getting the food turned into a meal, I have more motivation to actually eat it. Sometimes I just don’t care enough, though. And then I just have ice cream, because it has enough calories for me to take my meds.

Sometimes I’ll forget to eat at the appointed time, but I usually eat something every day. I’m 56 and live alone in a HUD housing assistance place. I used to live with my mother, but when I wasn’t taking any meds she was frightened of me and got a court order of protection and had the sheriff’s deputies put me out of her house. She also arranged for a court hearing on court ordered psyche treatment. I didn’t fight it, just let them do it. Mother is now in the nursing home and I don’t have any friends or family here in Arkansas.

Good for you. That you found a place that makes you comfortable. Right now I just rather discuss the future with my parents and see what they might come up with. In the mean time I just don’t plan that far ahead for now just too much to think about. But I will keep that in mind when I discuss it with them.

I don’t have to cook my meals it’s done for me. The time will come that i will have to fend for myself but it’s not yet here so. I probably eat a lot of sandwiches and salad with soup. That the only thing I can think of and I would probably drop weight when the time comes. But for now I have to lose weight since I am also on cholesterol meds. That’s what is on my agenda. Walking is nice but sometimes I get anxious then I stop walking outside. I started on treadmill. Just so I can walk the pounds off.

Do you have a alarm clock on phone or something like that so you can notice it’s time or eat at a certain time of day everyday. Or a calender. Write down ate breakfast, lunch, dinner. Sometimes it’s hard to remember what day it is so I depend on my phone. So. That’s what I can think of that works for some of the people at support group that I go to. Mike1

There’s no way I’d “forget” to eat. My brain & body simply demand it. :hatching_chick:

**There was a time when my son was in a very deeppsychosis-and he did not eat unless you put food in his hands. I thought that all he could do was focus on what was going on in his head-didn`t even occur to him to eat.

Damn man.

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No I just have times that I eat. When I’m at Day Treatment they serve lunch at noon. I eat a little bit when I get up in the morning because my morning meds have to be taken with food. My dinner time is 5-6pm, but if I’m distracted by something I may forget to eat dinner.