I hope you are happy

They are coming to get me and it’s all your fault! How could you talk to them? What did I do to you! You have ruined my life!!!

Psychosis my ass! I know what you did, I am not stupid.

That’s it, delete your post, make me look crazy .

not sure if you’re for realz, trollin, or what.

What is that supposed to mean!

Do you really think they’re people after you? What’s this about?

Stop! Don’t switch again. Stop pretending. Tell me everything you said.

I’m not sure who “you” is, and I don’t think I can say anything that will help, except that you probably need to contact someone you trust.

I can’t contact him until you tell me what you told them. I have no information to give him.

The people who are posting on your post are trying to help you. If you are comfortable to share what exactly is making you uncomfortable, who told whom and what has been told etc. please write it down so that someone could give you proper advice\suggestion. Otherwise at least tell someone whom you trust.

You told the government about my illness! You are trying to put me away! That’s what is making me “uncomfortable” not to mention pretending to be different people so that I would think this is a forum!

we just feel like different people because of the psychosis

I am not in psychosis! At least have the dignity to tell me what you told.

@SzAdmin looks like this is what I call a sh*t mess, I think this topic should be closed?