For who meds worked after more than an year?(poll)

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me, I am ill since child. my concerns are not hallucinations cause I never had them. but I feel my brain in my head for example… I guess it comes from my effort to concentrate on things in order to understand them… in 2 words, I put to myself too much pressure so I somatise i find… so I guess no med will work fast for me… I am almost out of options with the meds… I still have the hope that meds can help me even for my negative symptoms… but will I find the strength to wait more than that? I lived isolated for the last 15 years so I should be worse than many other sz who were found ill earlier… pls, somebody who thinks that there are cases where meds help after a bit longer than couple of months? like in my case? its strange cause I even dont feel my ap, just a bit smashy brain after 2 hours of taking it in the evening. but I even dont go to sleep because of it so I guess I am still psychotic… but chronical psychotic, not sharp one…
it will be already good if I stop feeling my brain in my head with all my stupid questions and fears for my life… cause sometimes I just sit being tremendously afraid for my future because of this illness and my deficits…

Geodon and Seroquel have worked for me for over a decade.


In between. It did something! Right away. But the full effects I still realize to this day!

Try meditating, it should help with the questions and fears in ur head.

they helped you after a decade crimby? its hard to believe, I dont believe that meds will help me after a decade, no…if they dont help me after a year probably they wont help me never…

I was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 1982. I did the usual frustrating dance of going from one anti-psychotic to another until I tried Seroquel a few years ago. I still take Seroquel.

thanks for the answer kindness. it worked after how many months for you? me, after a month on Seroquel I start to be really bothered by the sounds and I get even more paranoid than usual…

Having the meds “working” is a relative term for me and has been for all of my illness. When I was on Latuda the voices stopped in my head for a few months but the hypomania side effect made it not worth it. Also when I was put back on it a few months after being taken off of it the drug stopped working. Otherwise it’s been a matter of lowering of the voices frequency and volume (it’s uncommon to have exterior voices on the meds although I recognize I still do and have to be wary of that.). I have learned to live with the voices the best I can although some days are better than others with the understanding that they are probably here to stay and I will be likely always be using the meds to help get breaks from them, get adequate sleep which has been another problem with the illness, and to generally keep in touch with the real World. I may be on fewer meds when I get older. In the case of all the meds that worked the period of adjustment was short each time.

For me kicked in in hours.

Initially it slowly helped getting better daily. my biggest problems where taking the meds as directed. Think I was doing pretty good after 6 months but the trauma of the episode, accepting my illness, and dealing with the stigma took years to get over. I was back to work after 2 1/2 months but was really struggling. Always felt I was doing as well as could be expected considering I had sz. But I was wrong I just kept improving with time and experience.

I don;t say it 100% i can say 50%…!!!

People have different experiences with different med’s. Keep looking. Maybe you’ll find something that lasts longer.

and for the fact that I cant think anymore on a lot of subjects? its scary people, I have this symptom since child but its worse now than ever… its like ive always skipped a lot from my surrounding information…I just close myself in my head in my bad thoughts etc etc… I think this is hard to recover cause its like some real dumbness, like a real dementia …

Some medications like Seroquel where the half life is a couple of hours should kick in within a week. Medications reach stable concentration after 5 half lives. Full effects of medication can be felt after months/years in some cases, everyone has their own unique neurotransmission.

@eduvigis, but for this dummie thing? its a cognitive symptom I guess. plus an autistic kinda of think I guess?.. its hard to recover from this, I am not sure that counting on meds for this is the best thing… otherwise, I saw a friend at my house yesterday and I was shaky after her visit, I am really fragile I find, it pisses me off…I even have a wickness in my body because of the paranoia etc etc

If I were you I would just accept that this is the hand I’ve been dealt and move on. That’s what I try to do, I try to function even though my illness has deprived me of some of my faculties.

It can be comforting to be resigned concerning what has happened to you, depressed people feel it all the time, there is a certain sweetness to getting used to your disability.

But I’m no expert on anything so take what I say with a grain of salt, you know what’s best for you, what other people think is good for you may be right but at the end of the day, you decide what you want to do with yourself.

ok thanks for the answer eduvigis :slight_smile: I am just asking myself if its normal to not feel anything on a strong ap… maybe its the way it works and no other ap will do more than that(I tried a lot others already and I didn’t felt them either, only worse side effects than Zyprexa)… my current pdoc told me that she is unhappy that I dont go outside at all but I guess its hard to cure this cause its a serious illness, yeap…