Schizophrenic forever?

i am suffering emotionaly. i also feel my brain in my head, its like some heavy thing inside and i cant think properly. some say the meds wont work for me…but i have no choice,i take them… i am desperate, 4 months attending to get better and nothing…

Hey, don’t give up. It took me longer than that for the meds to work but they’re working now.


It took longer then 4 months for me too…

Keep track of how your feeling… if your too sedate or feeing too lethargic… let the doc know…
Keep the doc in the loop…

be patient… it takes time

Meds alone were Ok

Med’s with therapy… helped me get back on track and get my brain and my mind a bit more back in sync.

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon… :v:


I was wondering how old you are?

Took years or so in my case to really start getting functioning again, but it was worth the wait. Don’t give up hope!