Are voices always in english?


i dont hear voices anymore but my voices would say “do the thing” x30
i speak spanish but i wonder why they weren’t in spanish


I had dreams in English.Most of the time,I speak Chinese.


I have voices in English most of the time (when I hear them, it’s getting very sparse now), and rarely in my mother tongue.


I only heard speach…couldn’t understand the words.


Mine are always in English.

I speak a little Spanish, Thai and Japanese.


Mine have spoken a little spanish, probably because I have some high school english. It is really rare though.


Mine are my thoughts and they speak English.


Mine usually speak a language I don’t understand. Sometimes, they speak English. I haven’t heard them since February 2016 though


I understand a little French, but i’ve yet to hear my voices speak in French…although i’m lucky, my medication has been working so well that i haven’t heard my voices for the past few weeks. However, my guess is it definitely is possible to hear voices not spoken in your mother tongue. Especially if you do a lot in your second language.