For people who use PG&E power company

I read PG&E operates in most of central and Northern California. I know some members here are in California; @Charles_Foster and @Moonbeam spring to mind. I was just going to say that anyone who is not already using the PG&E website should go ahead and check it out. You can pay your bill online through PG& but you can do a lot more.

If you make a password and join you can see almost everything about your energy use. You can see how much electricity you use every day and night, how much gas you use, how much you are spending on electricity and gas, separately or combined. You can see how much energy you used over the course of a year and see a graph that compares the energy usage in your home top similar homes and efficient similar homes.

The website also has a function which shows your projected bill, every day you can check and see about how much your upcoming bill is going to be. There is so much more you can find out on PG& including tips on how to save energy. IIf you live in Central or Northern California I would highly recommend going to PG& and creating a password and explore the website.


I do have PG&E.

Thank you for the information.

I’m not sure if my husband is aware of this service, but I’ll tell him for sure so we can track stuff.

That’s a nice feature.

I guess when they’re not setting us on fire, they can do something useful!


Thanks for the information @77nick77 I do have PG&E. I will check out some of the features you mentioned. Energy prices keep going up so tracking my energy consumption and makng some adjustments could save me money and be more ecological.

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