Lol the power company

So I wanted to sign up for the program the power company has where you make equal payments all year round so you don’t have a 300 payment in the winter and a 50 payment in the summer, I called the power company and the girl said I couldn’t because I had a balance on my bill. My current bill??? Anyway after talking to her for like 20 minutes and going through all the possible scenarios she finally said “i know why don’t you just sign up for the equal pay plan?” duh. Why didn’t I think of that? LOL


What a maroon 15


…and so it goes,
the people in charge of our power.

My PGE bill was $4.77 for last month.

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dang you can’t beat that

It was low because they applied some credit owed to us.
Everyone in CA got one.
Trouble is, it is really only our own pay coming back to us.
They never, not ever take a loss.

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Oh, that’s what that was. I was wondering. Well it got me caught up enough to get into the equal pay program so I’m very happy. And I will actually be paying 30 dollars less per month somehow. So that’s kinda cool.

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