For our family who don't deserve it

Let me be me … do not try to change me, you will make a monster.


or How much you can stand a torture?

Yesterday I somehow ended with my father at his home.If I had tears,I would cry when he verbally attacked me for hundred time.But I hardly keep it in my self,or others I would punch him in the face,but don’t wont to go to mental hospital.

I’m sorry that you are being bullied by your father @anon70049667 both my father and brother are a bit bullying towards me at times.
It’s just their nature.

There is this woman I know who is verbally abusive towards me right now.

I tend to attract narcissists.
This is true for many schizophrenics.

It’s best to ignore them.

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He never had good words for me,neither he apologized at least ones.I depend on him,I live alone and any material help is welcome,I don’t have much costumers so I must relay on those people who hate me and my inability to finally make my own money.

It’s best to go with the flow.
Never lash out at a Narcissist.
You will be stomped on in the end.
Just ignore the abuse if you can.

If you are in danger then go to the Authorities.

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No,I’m not in danger.Thank you.It’s that people are mean.He wanted to show he’s superiority in front of his bytch,so they came on me together for doing some lab test our health system doesn’t cover.

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Most people aren’t kind towards me as well.
I know what you mean.

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Sorry @Wave you go through tough time.Just hang on.

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You hang in there too zoa and thanks.

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