Following up on job applications

I’ve submitted an application and resume via indeed, hoping to be considered for hire. At Salvation Army.

But haven’t heard from them and I’ve sent a follow up email.

Should I make a visit in person?

You have to apply to dozens of jobs to get one reply. That’s my experience anyway.


I’d call before I went in person. Emails are so hard to tell what you are getting. Talking is more personal

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Companies hate it when people call now. It used to be that they thought it showed good intent and initiative. Now, it just irritates them.


I found my job on Indeed too.

I applied to a lot of places. Many ignored me, some wrote back and said they were not interested. I landed a few interviews, and then finally got a job. It took months.

I agree with @ZombieMombie, I wouldn’t pester them if I were you… They know what they need and if your resume is a match or they are interested they will respond wanting an interview. The interview is your chance to show off yourself and make a good impression. When I applied for my job the guy told me there were over 300 applicants, but it was my interview that made me stand out, and I had to go through several interviews. He told me I was one of the top contenders after we spoke. It wasn’t my resume because I haven’t had a real job with a real business for over 17 years. I just wrote “self employed” on my resume for that time period because I freelance as a computer technician and do things like cut my neighbours grass, but I don’t own a business.

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Hmm that is good to know… thanks.

I feel like only place I would get hired by just showing up, is mom and pops restaurants.

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