I'm really disappointed the Casino hasn't called about an interview

If they were interested they would have called by now.


Keep your head up. :hatching_chick::hatching_chick::hatching_chick:

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I always find it best to give them a call after a few days to check on your app. Some places really like that


I’ll try, I’m just really bored and ready to go back to work.


What do you say?

I usually say something like “Hello I applied for X position and I was wanting to check on the status of the application”


And even thank them for the opportunity to have had an interview with them. :cat::cat::cat:

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They could still call. Sometimes these things move slower than you expect for a variety of reasons that don’t have anything to do with your application. Maybe someone is on vacation or they’re just really busy.


Yeah, @Moon is right. Wait about three days then call them. If you just give up and assume you don’t have the job you may be losing a chance. Call them to show your interested, you may still have a shot at it. I would even go down in person to talk to them. Just to show you’re interested and if they see you go to the trouble of following up, you might stick in their mind more than the other applicants.


Unfortunately, usually you don’t get the job you want. Especially when out of work for extended period of time.

When I was employable and searching for a white collared field job I would FAX resumes to every temp agency/company/etc I could find.

This would have been 20 years ago so nobody really had fax machines. So i think it kind made me look ‘tech Savy.’ Or maybe I’m wrong on that, idk. But in the end I believe it was just a numbers game. I might have faxed out 40 cover letters and resumes & got 1 response.

you can also go over the hiring managers head and somehow get the attention of HR. It will piss off your boss if you get hired. But it sometimes works. At least it used to.

Are you good with excel/word/power point? I’m a believer that you gotta spend money to make money. Do you have a laptop? You don’t need a nice one, mine was $600 and is a think pad which is basically a business laptop. Don’t go out and buy the one you like. Get the same kind the casino employees use. If they think your one of them you’ll have it easier, provided you get hired.

Disclaimer: all of this is IMO and at least 15 years out of date. Lol

Edit: back to the fax machine…. There was something to it I believe. Back then you had to buy a fax machine for $300, or fax at the library for $1 per page. Things would get expensive. But if I’m hiring someone I want someone who put in effort. Basically gambling that a $300 fax machine investment would pay off in the end.

Yes, make them think that your broke and are ‘investing’ in your future. If they think your pouring a lot of resources into employment they’ll take you more seriously.

Disclaimer 2: again, IMO. And maybe I’m delusional. After all, this is a board for delusional people.

Edit #2: this is basically an essay for how to find entry level work. Which sums up my 15 years in the business field. Get a job, screw it up; get a job, screw it up: REPEAT

Edit: you said your worried about Age discrimination, maybe tech isn’t what you should be bragging about. Maybe use your charm, ‘experience’ with the world, & solid eye contact will win them over.

They’re probably looking for a certain ‘type’ to fit with their ‘team’ (barf). You got in the door for an interview so something is right.


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I haven’t had an interview yet. I’ve only turned in an application. I was wanting them to call to schedule an interview.

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its been a couple days the place I applied is a warehouse chain and Im upset too. Because my best friend said he would talk to the manager and put in a recommendation to try and help me get part time, I even applied full time and took the assessment was I too honest? I haven’t heard back. But I did have attendance issues. Last time they asked for me back but i didnt have transporation now I do.

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Keep trying!
Don’t give up @leafy!

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You should really decide a plan If your serious about the job.

Lots of if ——>thens…

  • If they call I should….
  • I f I get in for the interview then I want them to think I’m…
  • if they they offer me a different position I’ll say…
  • if…

I don’t know the casino biz. Only trucking.

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Oh, you were a trucker? Thank you. I appreciate truckers so much. What a valuable service they provide.


Well hopefully they’ll call you soon.

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I’ll try my best @Wave


Just apply to other jobs in the meantime. Who knows maybe you’ll even find a new interesting job you never thought of. That’s what happened to me while I worked a couple different jobs I hated lol.

I applied for a job I wasn’t really that qualified for and it turns out I was what they were looking for.

So keep trying :blush::blush:

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Good luck! I hope it works out for you too.

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Sorry to hear the news leafy. I’m sure you’ll find something better.

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