FML I'm homeless again

So, long story short, my father-in-law ■■■■■■■ hates me and I’m never stepping foot in his house again.

We managed to find a motel room for tonight, but I’m not sure what we’ll do tomorrow night. Hopefully we can find a motel with weekly rates or something.

My partner will have to go over tomorrow to get all of our stuff and take it to storage.

Does anyone know if you can count motel bills as rent to qualify for food stamps?


Goodl uck i don’t klnow stay sAFE


I am so sorry. My sobling has had luck with trustroots which is a homeless social networking app. Similar to couchsurfing, except couchsurfing charges now. If you are okay with it, I can PM you resources in your area for family shelters.


Sorry to hear that. Hopefully you’ll find a solution soon.


Yes, please. I’ll take anything. A friend in a town about a half hour from where we were staying might have a lead on a rental, but I could definitely use more help. I’m in east central Indiana.

I’m in rural Midwest too and most rentals by me are by word of mouth cuz it’s a small town. Zillow Craigslist might be able to help

Hoping things work out.



Also, driving around town I’ve seen some rental signs up.


I’m sorry to hear that LED. I don’t have much advice to offer. I have been fortunate to have family to fall back on when I have found myself in that situation.

Wishing you the best.


Yeah, the biggest problem I’m running into is that the town that would be most convenient is a college town and most rentals are rented by the room. It’s really annoying

I hope you find a new home soon.

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Sorry @LED . I lived with my mean stepdad for a couple years because there was no alternative but boy was it suffocating. I’d be up a creek if not for my mom’s hospitality.

Hope you find another place soon!


Ugh, I’m sorry. I’m glad you’re getting help here with resources and I hope your circumstances improve ASAP. Sending love. :heart:

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I’m so sorry. :frowning: I hope you can get it all worked out. That must be scary. I used to run away from home, and the streets are awful. Hopefully, something pans out for you. Please try to keep us updated

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Yes, you can use motel bills as a housing expense, but it has to be ongoing. Like a weekly or monthly situation.


@LED this is horrible news.

I’m so sorry.

Maybe you can find a place with weekly rates and quickly get a rental.

You may do well getting a cheap Air B&B for a short time.

That’s what my husband and I did when we moved to California and couldn’t find a place.

You’d be surprised how cheap those things can be,

It’s cramped, but it’s easier than a hotel.

I feel super bad that this situation happened.

You’ll find a way

PM me if you want to.

I don’t know if I can help a lot, but I can always talk.


I’m so sorry for the situation you’re in LED. I’m glad you found a place to stay for the night.

I wish I could be of more help, but this is not an area I know about.

Just wishing you luck and good wishes and please stay safe!


Hey @LED are you able to check in and let us know how you are?


We’re still in the motel. Had to change rooms because the one we were in was booked. This motel is usually no vacancy, but we got lucky and the manager called us as soon as someone checked out early to let us know a trim was open. So we went from 2 queen beds to 1 King bed, but we’ve got this room for 4 nights.

We looked at a house to rent this afternoon, but it was absolutely disgusting. I called and emailed about a dozen more places today, but haven’t heard back from any of them yet.

I tried to go online and apply for SNAP, but it requires an address and we don’t have one. So I’m going to stop by the FSSA office in the morning because I’ll already be in town for a dentist appointment.


Wishing you all the best of luck with this, @LED .


Would a P.O. Box address consider to be a physical address? I used it once when I was homeless