Flying with plane

Have you been flying with plane?


I’ve been on a plane probably a dozen times. It’s okay.

Yes I find it to be the best way to fly lol.


I used to fly a lot. I haven’t been on a plane for 8 years now.

Used to fly as a kid and teen.
Haven’t been on a plane in years :airplane:

I fly about once/twice a year. I don’t mind the airplane, but the airports make me really anxious.

As a former U.S. Army brat and a former military myself, I’ve been on planes too numerous times to count. I have minimal fear of them. Although I don’t like modern airport realities at all and I avoid them if I can.

I love flying, has anyone ever skydived?

Sure. I even started flying lessons once but I felt I wouldn’t pass the medical so I stopped.

I’ve flown a lot. I always get a little nervous when the plane is about to land.

Yes eight times. But just to Hamburg.

I flew from the west coast to the east coast three times (and back) but it was years ago. I never flew in a passenger plane until I was 30. I wasn’t scared or very nervous.

I used to be a pilot. I have about 3500 hours in airplanes and helicopters. I don’t really fly anymore though. The last time I was supposed to go my wife hid all the keys to the vehicles. She is scared I am going to crash.

The last time I flew commercial as a passenger was in May.

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Gravol is my best friend while flying. No nausea and great to sleep. Also a prn anxiety med is handy to have if you start feeling stressed. Flying is okay. I don’t love it or hate it.

Last time flying was 2012.
If I never fly commercial, it wouldn’t be a bad thing.
Small planes?
Still love them.

I have over ten times. I used to enjoy the lift off. But i havent been on a plane since getting sz.

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I’m so scared of flying that I don’t go on holidays abroad I know that once I get to my holiday destination I’d be worried the whole time about the journey back

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The first time I flew I was 6 years old. Part of one of the engines fell out.
The second time I flew, I was on my way to boot camp.
Since then and 1999 I have flown in many passengers jet, some two engines prop planes, some one engines planes and a helicopter.
I have not flown since 1999.


Yep. But I jumped out of the plane.

It was my first parachuting experience.

But it was a bad day for parachuting. The winds were high. The ground was dry and rock solid.

I almost busted my hip when I landed. It was a big ouch!

Ambulances showed up for other jumpers who ended up in trees and others with busted bones.

I still have my VHS recording of my jump.

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You haven’t flown till you’ve done the pacific in economy!! To leave the states I was in the air about 23 hours over a day and a half with the bulk being a 17 hour non stop to Auckland! I was absolutely devastated after that one and I wouldn’t care if I never did that again!

I do like flying. It’s civilized transportation but as a 6’2" dude in economy is a bit rich!