Fluphenazine may be next

I’m cussing at myself and the neighbors and more than likely a crisis center.its weird he had it 4mg perphenazine 10mg FLUPHENAZINE 8mg perphenazine


Well, at least you seem more coherent now, but I still think you should go to the hospital. You were severely disorganized and spouting word salad. Just because it’s calmed down right this moment doesn’t mean it’s over, or that you and your neighbors are safe.

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Yeh cos there’s nothing better than lawn mowing @ 6 in the morning ending up being married to a dirty hippy watching videos that look like a future hippy. God live him . Hope you write hope on my casket. No hard feelings.

I want angry Chihuahuas chasing me and knocking me down in my wheelcheer. So I can fight with them screaming Peter! Peter!

With a cane and tazers.

I have taken all the drugs you mentioned at one time or another. I’m on paliperodone, Lamictal and haloperidol now

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Yeah… I really think you need to go to crisis. If you are talking like you’re posting, you are very un well. You need help and we’re concerned. Please go.


Yes, I agree with Zombie. You’re not well. Please, please seek help from someone. Maybe go stay with your mom for a little bit.

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