Flirting with the idea of a rapid detox

Right when I was at my most floridly psychotic I was objectively way more productive. I walked for hours a day, had friends and made it to my appointments.

Now I am medicated everything is the opposite. I am not psychotic but I am afraid to leave the house, have no friends and can’t do ■■■■.

With all sincerity what situation was more pleasure able. I would say the first.

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Productive at doing what, though?


Every time you do this, you crash hard and are deeply frightened and unhappy. You also lose significant ground that takes you an unexpectedly long time to make up when you resume treatment.

Please learn from your past attempts and save yourself the pain.


I think that would be flirting with disaster.

I get a strange feeling, that you are feeling a bit like, you are scared to shower too?

not just leave the house?

You said survielience(sp?) on your last post -

when saying you canceled psychology appointment.

Whats going on with you? are you are feeling to paranoid to do things???(many of us have paranoia)

Your not turning away from treatment because of paranoia???

Ask someone to go with you to next appointment.

Just tell them you want the company.

Would that make you feel better to the point you would go next time?

There is nothing wrong with asking for help, even if you dont want to say why.

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Hey folks. Had a nap and woke up feeling better so I took my meds. Thanks for the supportive replies.


I’m glad you took your meds. It’s hard though, isn’t it? It seems like everyday I’ve been saying I don’t want to take them. But I always do. It’s hard to remember being sick and I get to thinking I’m worse off with them. I think that’s part of the illness somehow. Seems like a lot of people on here struggle with staying on their meds.

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