Flies are stupid

I have a fly flying in my place and every time when it is on the door to my balcony it does to fly out when I open the door. I suppose it likes to be with me. Flies are stupid.

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Flies are dead at my house.
My world halts abruptly until that winged bacterial agent gets flattened by whatever 's handy.
My aim is very good because I don’t like poopy flies landing on my food.

I think flies are cute when they rub the little hands together

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Mosquitos are even dumber. I have noticed that even if you try to smack them repeatedly, they keep flying back trying to sting you. Thats dumb.

Next to my couch, I have a Nitroflex workout bench.

As I was lying on the couch watching TV, I noticed a fly that was buzzing back and forth very close to the upper bar of the Nitroflex workout bench. The fly would fly 6 inches away to the left of the bar, then over to 6 inches to the right of the bar. (The bar was pointing straight up and down at the time.) Then it might fly 6 inches higher, or six inches lower.

Mixed in with this, was random direction of flying. Over time you could see that it was remaining in a 1 foot square box like area. Because of this you could watch the fly and know exactly when it was about to change direction again, due to it approaching the edge of the square box area. This went on and on for close to a hour. Perhaps I should have named it a box fly.

lol that the funniest thing I heard today!!!

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LOL brucewillis! :smile:

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What do you expect from a creature with a grain sized brain. They’re still pretty remarkable IMO. I find all life to be pretty interesting. How there’s a brain in their somewhere. A life. A consciousness.


I hear you bro… That thing has a brain! Just think if it had a sz brain?? :speak_no_evil:

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My god, are you not wearing anything at all??? :scream_cat: