My pet fly

A giant fly got into my apartment. I’m compassionate towards fly. “I wouldn’t hurt a fly” :laughing:…Literally.

but he’s been buzzing around the last couple of days. I’ve tried letting him out but he doesn’t want to leave.

He follows me around the apartment. he hangs out in my bedroom while I’m there. he follows me into the bathroom…the kitchen…etc…

Funny flies, they’re smarter than you think IMO. But still pretty dumb…


Off to IOP. Good night @Minnii and the rest of Europe-ers who are going to sleep soon :laughing:


Thanks and have fun :smile:

This just reminded me of a small lizard that happened to come into my room years ago.
I put it in my hand and it was grabbing my finger so hard that it hurt.
But it has beaufitul eyes and they are like gems it’s just amazing.
Thank you for your post @turningthepage

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