Why is a fly so fast

I never can catch one or hit it. The bugger is just too fast


U are looking in good mood today walla .
I think ur medicine is working…!!! Take care homie…

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I hope so too my man

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Is today holiday…!!! Walla…

No I worked today and u? What did u do

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I cant work walla i am disable…i just watched some pornhub and masturbated a while… life sucks.


the trick is to come down on it slow…until you get to a close distance than…WHAM!

for some reason they don’t sense you moving slow but will fly away if you come down on them fast

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That’s some solid advice thank u man

My mom once caught me masturbating it was really weird.
Make sure u lock the door

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Congrats. You have reached the bottom of bordom.(chasing flies).

not that i have not hit bottom myself, i have.

The secret is this:
Flies do not fly backwards.

Sit poised, be patient, when you see an opportunity to pop your hand out in front of the direction he is going, then take your shot.

you are waiting for him to come right at you.

and human reaction is the quickest when under handed not over handed.

(this why all the girls in cheesy horror movies lose. They swing or grab over handed style)

good luck.

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My man @anon20318121 U really are great friend of mine…!!!

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Hey man you always say you watch pornhub.

Shame on you!!

(Have you tried xvideos ? :smile:)

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I did snatch a pebble from my hand training… still only successfully catch flies at like a 10% level…


I can second this. Might be wrong but I think they get a sudden burst from your hand coming down fast on them, and use that extra boost to zip away. I’m probably wrong though, but have noticed it’s easier to hit them when you moderate your swatting technique.

There’s also fly swatters, those things are pretty effective.


Evolution my friend. They have to out maneuver predators.

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