Flea markets etc

In our little town we have eight flea markets or other places where they sell used items such as furniture and clothes. Most clothes I am wearing daily I have got them from flea markets. I remember my trip to London in Aug 1987 and how I purchased a leather jacket at one outdoor flea market in London. I wore this jacket 10 years and got a new leather jacket in Atlanta in 1997 and I wore it 10 years. All furniture I have is from flea markets, for example my table was just 5 euros. I like to walk around at flea markets and see what people are selling.

What about you, do you like flea markets etc.?


I love flea markets :blush: I have one five minutes walk from my house and its there every Sunday. Bought some books and scarf and socks there over the last two weeks. I love bargain hunting!

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i am working at a car swamp meet this week in a booth saleing car parts

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I used to go every weekend when I had friends to go with

Bought a lot of my tools for landscaping from those places

I don’t go to many flea markets. I go to used thrift stores. I also go to the farmer’s market

When I lived in America I used to go to the farmer’s market. I bought different types of coffee and some oriental and Indian sauce for my Indian meals when I used to cook more.

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That sounds delicious!

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