Fishing thread!

Anyone like fishing??? Post pics of yer greatest catches!


I love fishing!


@crazy_dancer_arcade_pro knows about fishing.

I used to fish with my uncle before sz but we didn’t eat the fish, we put them back in the water. We used real worms.

Fishing’s a blast!

Once I caught a pumpkinseed fish… Super neat looking (pic is from Google):

Usually I just catch seaweed though :upside_down_face:


Caught a 69 pound halibut when I was 12 up in Alaska. Biggest catch of the day on the boat. Took me an hour to reel it in. Was a good time. Didn’t quite understand the concept of the pump to flush latrine so had to learn that too.


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I got pike two years ago !

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You are too cool @FatMama! This pic is awesome.

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I like fishing… went a lot last summer…

Last time I went fishing was 1995.
My late ex-brother-in-law and some of his friends rented a small boat and paid for a “deckhand” to come along and he invited me and my family and we all went deep sea fishing in Monterey Bay.

We were after salmon. The deckhand showed us where to go and baited our hooks and untangled fish lines and gave advice how much line to let out and a bunch of other helpful things. It was fun and everybody caught the limit which I believe was 3 or 4 salmon apiece. I was in my mid thirties and everybody had a good time.

The two happiest days of your life?

The day you buy your boat…and the day you sell it.


I used to fish in the pond near my house when I was little. Then I hooked a fish through the eye and that was pretty much the end of my fishing days. :smile:

I always liked digging for worms though.

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