Fish climbing a tree

As Albert Einstein said, tell a fish he can climb a tree will feel stupid and failure all his life. Even when the fish can jump loops in the pond like the Disney character nemo. Maybe changing my believes what is possible for me makes me happy. Promoting yourself from being a soldier to general is bound to failure.


Whats up @Dunno1 … still awake when are u sleeping…

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@eighteyedspy23 whats up man…!!! What are u upto…!!!

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There is an old saying - “The man who thinks he can, and the man who thinks he can’t, are both right.” It’s ■■■■■■■■. You have to have a fair degree of natural talent to succeed in most endeavors. Just thinking won’t get you there. I might set out to be an Olympic champion, but I would fail, because I don’t have that kind of ability in any sport.

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Hello @far_cry0!
Hanging out… Trying to get back on track and mellow out. Still hearing voices, but they are getting quieter and I am back to being able to laugh and not be so serious. My luv is feeling better too now that I’m not acting weird. She was very worried and a little frightened. Not of me, but just scared that it would get worse and that I would end up in the hospital for too long.
Glad to hear from you Brosky!

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All good. Had my sleep and going back to bed. I got banned last night for encouraging delusional thinking. Wonder when they ban tv commercials:))

I think when you feel depressed or sad you should go to McDonald’s. The people are always happy there. A hamburger sort you out in no time.:slight_smile: it doesn’t work for me personally but the commercial says so.

Yes just having the talent won’t get you there. You need self-esteem (what you think of yourself and being told).
The initiative or trigger to actually do stuff and not thinking about it has to come from within.

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