Poem: Fish

If you tell a fish to climb a tree
It’ll feel very stupid
Well I’m a fish, and me,
I can’t swim either

What’s the point in being smart
If you can never use it
Why have a good heart
If no one ever knows

I try to hide myself away
portrait a better picture
It should get easier each day
but somehow, it just doesn’t

My head won’t work, my body fails
I’m a burden and a failure
“but I’m barely 30”, my inner voice wails
So what, I should know better

I guess it’s not all terribly bad
at least I have good support
The one thing that truely makes me mad
is when no one believes me

My struggles may seem arbitrary, yes sometimes, even small
But to me, the molehill is a mountain
And I try to climb it all.


my favourite part


Mine too! Very relatable.


Shiit, I like the Einstein reference but,

If you’re a fish, stay in the waters,

Dont come onto the land :grin:

Great poem btw !

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