First time ever

Eating Sushi.
Had the spicy tuna roll and it kind of made me sick to my stomach.

Never again!


I don’t wont eat raw sushi ever.

But I don’t mind a basic CA crab roll.

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i’ve never tried it

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But honestly if you didn’t like the concept of seaweed, rice and soy sauce - i think thats the basic flavor profile of sushi. Then no sushi would taste good.

Cause I can have a cucumber roll and or vegetable roll and the crab really doesn’t make it any better.

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@Kxev @Resilient1 it was kind of gross.
I don’t know why Sushi is so popular!

I avoided it for years until today.

Yeah I’m disappointed to say the least.


I saw it last week, people sitting at a sushi bar with a little conveyor belt going around, i have to admit it did look fancy but idk if i could try it,

I had a bad mac & cheese today at my clubhouse :frowning: they are normally very good but it was not good (i think i got the scarps)

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What’s the scarps mean? @Resilient1

oops sorry, typo, i meant scraps lol, i type too fast

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Maybe it is just the one you tried. I kind of like mostly the ones with avocado or cucumber in them … maybe you would like a California roll… or one of the deep fried cream cheese and salmon rolls… sorry you had a bad experience @Wave


I dislike all seafood except tuna. I tried vegetarian sushi and still hated it.

I love sushi. The concept of sushi is brilliant.


My mom is Japanese. I love Japanese food, but only when it doesn’t have raw fish. So I won’t eat sushi most of the time.

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Oh no I’m sorry! Spicy tuna roll is my favorite

I like salmon tataki roll. Its one of my favorites

Also this house roll at one place i like has
Avocado, crab, salmon. Big chunks of salmon in it

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