First day back at work ☕

Hi! I’m a little over half way through my first day back at work after two weeks holiday leave for Christmas.

I got really anxious this morning before leaving for the tram because I was thinking of all the work that would have piled up in my absence. I took a valium.

And a nightmare client who would have been waiting with baited breath for me to get back just so she can emotionally blackmail me some more.

But she hasn’t called today (she will this week some time) and there weren’t too many pieces of correspondence that I have to look at.

I’ve been pacing myself today, I have a tendency to rush through my work. Having a new phone to look at the forum helps.

Anyway, just taking a break.

How’s your day going? :cat:


Glad you survived that morning and beat off the first day blues! Well done!


Yea, it’s actually not been too bad!

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Are you on geodon now?

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Yep I stopped the invega last Friday. So now I’m on 80mg geodon only (plus 20mg lexapro).

I like geodon. Thanks for answering so many questions I had about it.


I am drinking coffee right now … its hard to wake up early in the morning…!!! Its 8.40am here in kirtipur kathmandu, Nepal…

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Good morning @far_cry0

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I think the guy who sits behind me thinks I fancy him. To myself I sardonically call him hot stuff because of it. He’s quite rude to me.

Oh and good news for anyone who might remember my wobbles late last year when invega was crapping out on me, coughing and sneezing in the office today isn’t triggering paranoia! Just mild agitation.

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Good afternoon @anon84763962… Are u on a job turtle… take care…

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Yep, I’m at work now. I only have an hour and a half left for the day! Then I can go home to pyjama town :grinning:


You live in Kathmandu? That’s so cool. There was a song about it.

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