So tired again :-(

What a day! I had work non-stop from 10 am till 7 pm. I took no break whatsoever. None.
At 7 when I got up from my desk, I was all broken, it’s a disaster.
Plus I got in an argument with a client and she left me a low feedback. What a bitch. People make me sick and I have to deal with them on a daily basis. Wish I was a vampire.

I had dinner and took my medication. Hope I can sleep later because I am wired again and agitated to the maximum.

I think we will cancel our NY visit. It is costing us a lot for only a few days of travel. We can go to London or Greece or Barcelona with that cost plus a few days more. We just let it sleep for now but I will sign up for a few alerts in case there is something good, I’ll book it for mid September. I am just so tired and my excitement has vanished.

Wish I can take a pill and have my worries, anxiety, memories and bitterness go away.

I will start going to the gym in 2 weeks to swim. I will sign up for hot yoga since I quit smoking. I really need to get in shape. I look like a dead vegetable.


Hi @mermaid1, about two months ago wasn’t it you who said you got let go from a job and that it wrecked your confidence? And now you have a new job.

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yeah I did @77nick77 I am working as a freelancer.

I can no longer work for someone for now until I am completely functional. I will also try volunteering first. :frowning:
I still have OCD and PTSD + as a bonus, I talk to myself.

Thank you though, I should be more happy I have this freelance career. Wish I could transform it into a small size business. I do not have the resources.

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Find someone who believes you will succeed in a small business and maybe they will give you the funds to start a business as an investment.