First class at college

Hello, everyone! Today I had my first languages class at university. It was awesome and the news are great. At first, I cancelled all my Graphic Design classes. And now I’m trying to take some languages disciplines, so I have to take professor’s signatures, fill forms and stuff. I would love things to be easier, but if it was easy, it wouldn’t be fun.

I still have a lot of pain that comes from my sciatic nerve and I can’t focus too much when I’m in pain. It’s difficult for me to sit down and concentrate onto something. I can focus on things when laid (I’m writing this text laid on the grass for example). Bad things happen, but it’s okay. I’m happy anyway. It’s bad, but it’s good, lol.

All this thing about the English language is entertaining me. If I get confused, I know that I have to take some deep breaths and calm down because all things are on the track. I just need to trust the process. And the process is wonderful!

While translating RSD Max’s video yesterday, despite of pain, I got excited. I forgot everything and was entertained by the act of translating a message that matters for me. The boring part is syncing the subtitles with YouTube platform, but sometimes we need to do some mechanical stuff. I still don’t know how I will embed the subtitles in the videos, but I’ll discover it later (if someone wants to help me, I want to do it using free Linux and Mac’s softwares).

My professor told the class something about translation workshops at university and it interests me. I want to learn more about translation in order to do it with mastery. I want to learn everything about translations accordingly to what I want to focus. Translating stuff that you think is important is not just fun, but also fulfilling. But you need to do a lot of hard work yet.

There was a time during today’s class that we classmates had to explain why we chose the English language. My professor said it’s because of the power of English language. He said something about it being the enemy’s language. I don’t see English as the enemy’s language, but as the business partner’s language :D.

I chose the English language because it’s more open to new things. It’s a language very well structured and with less limitations. Brazilian Portuguese is wonderful, but people generally think it’s ugly when the language gets similar to English. For example, people generally thinks it’s ugly when someone says: “nós faz isso.” It’s okay to conjugate the verb this way if we consider the regionalism of the language. But people will attack those who speak this way because they think what they learned at school is what is correct. People are full of ■■■■■■■■.

I think that, in order to combine my own studies with college’s demands, I need to let go of some studying rules that I have. Maybe, instead of studying 3 hours per day, I’ll study just an hour. Instead of reading fiction books, I’ll read college’s materials (that are many stories and I believe it will be fun). And I need to get an internship. I want to live English and it will help me a lot.

That’s all for today, folks. I hope you enjoy my text and let’s get better everyday! Goodbye!


You sound enthusiastic about your studies. That’s great to hear. I hope you do well !

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Thank you, @everhopeful! I’m also keen as mustard to start my English classes. Learning new things after applying them is just icing on the cake.

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