Finding meaning in activity

I find it hard to put meaning in my activities because it makes no difference to anyone as to what I do. I find it hard filling up my time up with things to do . I find the days are long and
sometimes I wish the the day would just fly by . I find doctors have no advice on how to put meaning in my life.

I felt like that for a while too man. I mean I was trying to see every possible method to make my day better but I just couldn’t I guess the only thing to do is pray brah. Ask yourself what is going on with your life that it doesn’t want to work out.

Do you have any hobbies?

I like browsing this forum, vaping, drinking coffee and playing games occasionally. Also upgrading and fixing my PC.

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There is no meds for negative symptoms my psychiatrist told me, he said I should force myself to fill my time, could be anything other than sleeping. I found coffee slightly helps negative symptoms, I sleep all day if I don’t drink coffee.

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