I dont feel like i have a meaning to wake up in the morning

I wish i had a reason to get up everyday.
I have some responsibilities but in the end i dont really care or have any short term or longterm goals.
Nothing feels good.
Nothing to look forward to im just yearning for anything. Even laying in bed all day feels bad but so does everything else
What do i do

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You got to take a chance and find something to do. Some kind of activity that you can do 3 or 4 times a week. Just sitting in the library reading a book or magazine occasionally would be better than staying in bed all day. Go take a walk maybe. Take a bus somewhere. Go early to a mall and walk around or if you have a safe downtown area take a stroll and get some fresh air. All good ways to shake things up and get out of a rut.


The only advice I can give you is to try to find some hobbies. I’ve been in some bands, and playing a musical instrument often lifts my spirits and helps me forget my problems and mental illness for a while. Video games can be a good way to relax and enjoy myself too.

There’s no easy answer to The emptiness of life at times.

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