Finally practicing again

I got side tracked this whole month from playing bass and guitar and just writing music in general, too many distractions like video games an television hahaha
Work doesn’t really help either since when I get home I don’t have the energy to really practice.
Well at least lately I’ve been fed up with not practicing I’m forcing energy on myself to do it! Hooray for me hahaha


I play my guitar every day…my banjo not so much because it’s so loud and Angie gets annoyed…haha…but she enjoys my guitar playing so I play for her while she plays bingo. Anyways, good for you !!


I’m finally gonna get a good microphone to record my hip hop. My dad getting it for my birthday June 5th. I think it will make a huge difference @YayaC


thats awsome man good luck with that

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What I do everyday is I try to put aside at least 15 to 30 minutes of playing guitar.

Have fun practicing @ZanyNotStoopid!

I find music helps me out immensely.



music therapy. When? every day. What time? Whenever. Location Jon’s apartment.



I had a music therapist record one of my acoustic songs when I was in the hospital once.

But yeah, music therapy is always fun. Good for the soul! :+1:


when i was in the hospital they got me to preform one of my songs on a 1 string guitar to a bunch of patients
i gave it my all thats for sure


I love to practice my digital piano every day. I practice for an hour or more everyday. I’ve been playing for twelve years now. I’m only at intermediate level still.

I finally started playing with a headphone recently. When I use a headphone, I can hear my music when I play it. Without it, I can’t hear it. This helps me tremendously.

I got to figure out a way to rig up my piano so that other people can hear my music when I got my headphone hooked up to the piano. Right now, they can’t hear me play. I got to hook it up to an amp somehow. I don’t have an amp yet.


You might just hook it up to some regular stereo speakers, and use a splitter between the speakers and your head phones.

I can help you set it up, if you tell me what kind of jacks your speakers/stereo has, piano, and headphones. I’ll post an amazon link with the cables device if necessary, or you can use what you have right now. :slight_smile:


I have no speakers and no splitter. I have a guitar cable from my piano to my Focusrite Solo 2nd generation recorder. (This cable works just as well for piano).
I really appreciate you wanting to help me. Thank you, @DMAdataANDmoodanalysis. Please tell me if I need to buy stereo speakers and a splitter or an amp or anything else.

Do you play djent? Just curious due to the one string guitar comment haha

Which one can you afford? Stereo or Amp. Amp’s going to cost more. Also are in you a city or a metro? The bigger the urban area around you, the cheaper you can get these on craigslist because anything that is recreational like this is super cheap on craigslist in those areas.

I’ll give you some links for the budget + best quality gear.

No I actually play normal guitar but the one they had at the hospital only had one string :slight_smile:

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My dad did research on this microphone and said it’s the best for hip hop. So he got this. Not cheap. But hopefully last me forever.

It’s about time to sell all my old electronics :man_shrugging:

Haha! I’m sorry, I feel really stupid right now. I never even thought of that, the guitar at the hospital I went to was so out of tune man. I had to borrow an allen wrench from the janitor so I could adjust the neck because it was buzzing so badly. If you like music like yngwie malmsteen, steve vai, joe satriani, that’s right up my alley. I’m technically a drummer, but have been playing guitar on and off for probably about 14 years. Drums I’d say about 12 years, give or take a few

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You know, this is just some advice. If you don’t have an amp or stereo and can’t afford one, you can actually get an adapter to convert the end of your guitar cable into a 1/8 audio jack to plug into your computer. Get yourself a free recording software, like cool edit, or anything similar. I used that for the longest time before I could afford my first amp. They probably sell them at about any store that sells electronic equipment like Walmart,Meijer,etc… Should only cost $3-4 tops

I like joe satriani. There’s this one track on surfing with the alien, number 5 I think, called snatch boogie or something like that. That track is cool

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Satch boogie is an amazing song! check out strange beautiful music(the album). If you like stuff liek this, I think you’d like Vinnie Moore as well. It’s like metalized video game music

I’ll check it out