Finally practicing again

I’m in a city but, I get all my musical equipment online at Is it kind of dumb to get your musical equipment brand new like this online?

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@SkinnyMe Not at all. I ordered my jackson through musicians friend. Only thing is, you might want to take it in to have the action set up, and your fretboard adjusted. They don’t tune it in the factory, they basically assemble it, get it close, and ship it off. They do have good prices though, bought a few of my cymbals for my drums through them as well. I’m in a rural area, so there’s not much around here. Closest guitar center is probably about an hour and a half drive. But there’s nobody to complain about the noise, so I dig it out here

@specimen_108.4.7-b, I play a digital piano.

How much do stereo speakers cost and how much do amps cost? I could probably call Musicans friend and ask them.

It depends on what you need. The cables you get new unless you happen to find a deal. I bet Ebay has the deals used. The amps and stereos are probably going to be commonly used for sale, so you save quite a bit there.

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Thank you, @DMAdataANDmoodanalysis. I think I’ll get an amp.

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@SkinnyMe I get my stuff from musicians friends too. Much cheaper

sorry for the delay, but I would imagine you could get a pretty decent starter amp for around $100 or so. It really depends on what you think you can afford, or what the most feasible option would be. Technically if you have a computer, you could just plug your guitar cable into your soundcard and use your computer speakers as your amp. But this would require probably an apapter for your soundcard, depending on what you have installed, and some sort of recording or mixing software like protools or something similar. I’m mainly a drummer, but I tinker around with “drumkit from hell 2” quite a bit using the EZ guitar suite. I download mine via torrent network. I know, tisk tisk. But it’s free. Otherwise I would look around at some smaller amps, you don’t need anything special. As far as effects or preset effects on the amp, this would depend on what type of music you’re trying to play.

i am a tambourine virtuoso.

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