Finally moved in

Hi all,

As of Tuesday night, I’m finally in my new apartment! Didn’t get a good night’s sleep though that night, not really due to nerves, but because it was so darn hot. Mum brought a fan over yesterday though. Got my cable, phone line and internet hooked up this morning. Funny thing this afternoon after getting home from lunch at the recovery centre, I was rather depressed. Go figure. The good news is, an acquaintance from the centre is dropping by for coffee tonight.


Congrats! Transition, even good ones, can be hard. I hope you’re very comfortable and happy in your new place…more and more :blush:

I lived by myself in a studio for 6 years. It sure beat sharing small rooms for many years off and on when I was in my twenties and thirties. My biggest problem was that my apartment was so damn new and nice and comfortable that I holed up in it and tended to stay home. Getting a couple of friends helped with that problem. I went to all my doctors appointments and ran necessary errands and I liked to get out and walk a lot or drive around or visit my family but I still isolated way too much. I would recommend to not start a habit of staying home too much. It may feel nice at first but it might backfire on you later on down the road.

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