New apartment of my own

Well, I’m inside my new bedroom. In my own, one bedroom apartment. No wifi, no microwave, just a few pots n cups of noodles. The rent and security deposit was all my mom and I had, so now I’m waiting impatiently for my new job to give my some hours. All I’ve been paid for is orientatiion and it will only be a hundred bucks when get paid.
Is it normal to feel unsure and lonely upon moving out? I’m making sure to take meds because a breakdown now could coat me my home and my job.
On the bright side, I walked around the apartment naked like jimbob and the others and it was a liberating experience!


Congrats on your new apartment! Whenever I go somewhere new I feel out of sorts with reality. I’m not sure if I’m truly symptomatic always but I always feel a sense of things being fake. I just recently moved and it wasn’t easy, adjusting. I’m doing really well now though. I’ve been here 44 days I believe :smile:


Congrats to you, too, dear sir!
The two of us seem to be in similar situations…new place, uncertainty in the air.
Thanks for replying, that in itself helped :smiley:
Reason number five thousand two hundred why I love forum.


Congrats on the new place and put some pants on!!!


Hi absolutely one of the MOST stressful things in the whole world moving house so cut yourself,some slack.


I hope you get to feeling more cozy in your apartment. big step…proud of you. I have been living on $100 for groceries and gas and we ended up buying pork and beans for 58 cents a piece to get by. that and eggs and toast for breakfast. good luck!


Yes it is, but you’ll get used to it and learn to enjoy it :slight_smile:

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Yay! For how many hours? :smile:

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I’m thinking about moving into my own apartment too. The only problem with it is that I have such a strong tendency to isolate, and that might be exacerbated in an apartment. The times in my life when I have gotten the weirdest were after I had spent a prolonged period isolated.

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Congratulations. Living with your parents can certainly make one feel like they have a safety net, but it is still important to do the things that make us feel alive. Have lots of fun at your new place.

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I would say that is probably true for many, many, many people. But the feelings will probably go away with time. My advice is to start off right and try not to get into any bad habits like isolating, or bugging the neighbors, or not keeping your place clean.

But living on your own can be really fun in some ways and hard in other ways. One benefit of living alone is that you don’t have to put up with anyone else. You get to play your own music without having to take into consideration if anyone else likes it or doesn’t. You can eat what you want, you watch what you want on TV without having to worry about anyone else wanting to watch their channel etc.


Thanks all!! It’s my 3rd day here. Still no wifi but my new neighbor was moving so he sold me an old, but functional tv and some wood furniture! It’s not so bare and I can finally watch the new!

@Minnii. Not long lol maybe twenty minutes tops.
It’s kinda lonely but my friend spent the night last night with her boyfriend so we had some beers. It was fun, just gotta be careful out where I leave my meds since nobody knows im sz.
Today I slept like a baby and I woke up feeling at home! Just worried about of the pg&e bill, plus still no wifi :open_mouth:


Here in California, when you are moving into a different city, one of the first things that needs to be done is to file a “Change of Address” form to let the post office know your new address and they will forward all your mail to your new address instead of your old one.

Moving can be scary, but it is also super awesome! I’m glad you and your friends were able to celebrate.


I am SO happy for you!! work hard at keeping it all together. it aint easy to do for anybody these days!! I will keep you in my prayers! you made MY day and its only 445 am!!!

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Congratulations! The bright future lays at your feet. Change requires change, and that might include uncomfortable feelings like being unsure and lonely. But if you keep your mind on the bright future in store for you, and it’s happening now, the ‘negative’ feelings will subside. Work from the positive in everything and you increase the positive. Congratulations again!

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I don’t have wifi either. It’s possible to survive! :smile:

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ABSOLUTELY normal to feel disoriented and a little uneasy when moving to a new place. For anyone and everyone.

You will settle in and make it yours.

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Did it! Thanks for the reminder!!

NO YOU MADE MY DAY by saying I made your day! Seriously, I grinned from ear to ear!

Day four: realized that that was actually dust on the faucet handles and that they hadn’t cleaned before I moved in. Oops! My mother brought me some bleach wipes so now I have to spend a lot of time cleaning. :open_mouth:
Not my strong point, but I’ll do it room by room.

Things I learned in my first week in my own apartment:

take the trash out as soon as possible. That way, no roaches will be tempted to sneak into your old trash food, since it won’t be there. Buy roach killer (haven’t found living roaches, but I’m paranoid about roaches).

Say hi to your neighbors and nod head quickly then take off. This establishes a small bond, but at the same time I can run off and not have to have a long conversation.

Check the mailbox. Forgot for like the first three days.

Don’t isolate. I took a quick walk yesterday through the neighborhood just to feel it out. Walking around makes it less intimidating and it makes me feel like it’s my territory.

Get quarters for the washing machine or take laundry back home.

decorate early! It makes it feel nice! I put up some of my paintings I did and I draped a purple scarf across the wall to make it look stylish!

Thanks all for your awesome support! I really needed it! You guys are super supportive and thank you for being so empathetic and caring!! :smiley:


I remember the first night I moved out of my parents’ place. I spoke to my mum on the phone briefly to let her know I was OK, then I spent the rest of the evening crying and wanting to move back in! Soon settled in though.

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Week 2: invited friends over to watch election. Cried. [end of political discussion]

woke up to find my car vandalized. they broke the tail light and cut off my tags. I just bought replacement tags. The tail light is going to have to wait since the autozone said it’ll cost like 100 to replace.

Thoughts: Had no choice but to accept a high crime neighborhood due to my bad credit and lack of rental history. Note to others: get a rental history, even if that means renting a room for like four months or something, anything outside of the family.

My neighbors are still nice, but I am glad that I am naturally paranoid that way I don’t feel guilty suspecting them of being nice just so they could sneak into my apartment and scope out what there is to steal.

I am at my mom’s house washing laundry. I am afraid I’m going to forget the laundry in the wash at my apartment and I don’t want to be rude.

Learned that if you have bad credit, these things require an up front deposit: PG&E, comcast internet. Both are like one hundred deposit before the bill arrives.

Every morning I wake up feeling grateful that I don’t have to live under my controlling stepfather and that I can walk around after midnight without getting chased out of the kitchen because my stepdad can’t sleep.

I love decorating! I got a nice painting for my bathroom (someone else painted it, it’s too calm and tranquil for me to paint, lol)

Still got to wash dishes when I get home. still need vacuum, but I swept, mopped, and wiped everything with bleach wipes.

All in all, I’m having a great time while everyone around me thinks I’m crazy for renting in that neighborhood. I think the neighborhood will grow to like me. Or they’ll grow to realize that once I get paid I’m installing cameras, surveillance systems, and alarms systems in my car and home. I can’t wait to get paid! So looking forward to upping my surveillance system at home and in car! paranoid is good for something right now, at least!

I feel upbeat and kind of tough, tbh. Now, I have to learn how to act like my neighbors, Normies are one thing, but these neighbors have their own culture that I have to learn. Like, if they stare, don’t stare back. If they say hi, nod head, brief eye contact, take off. Don’t be confrontational. Or agitated.
I’m feeling so independent!