Finally heard from my friend

Maybe a week ago he was assaulted, and they got his wallet. Until this morning I haven’t heard from him for a couple of days. I was afraid maybe he had gotten hurt, but he’s okay, just working long hours. So I’m relieved now that I heard from him.


Glad you heard from him @ElGato. That must be a relief.

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He told me not to worry about getting a gun, as he has a lot of them. He’s going to let me try shooting his guns when he gets back. He said once I know how to shoot I could think about getting one.

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I used to want a gun. I told my therapist it would make me feel safer. He asked me what if I thought the men were there following me and it was really an innocent little boy? I haven’t wanted one since


Guns are devil’s playthings.
Stay away from them.
In college we learned that
even the presence of a gun
in a household, creates more
aggression and hostility,
even if it’s not used.

If i had a gun,
probably i would be dead

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This guy just doesn’t sound right. He will be asking for money soon. :butterfly::butterfly::butterfly:


I’m not going to believe that he will be here until I actually see him. He says he’s going to come here though. Arkansas would probably suit him better than California because he’s into gun collecting. We no longer have to have a permit for concealed carry, and other goodies like that.