FINALLY getting my teeth fixed

So I’ve always known I have a terrible overbite from sucking my thumb until I was 11. I went to see an orthodontist about getting it fixed, but after looking at my teeth and molds and X-rays, it turns out there’s a lot more wrong with my mouth than I thought. All my top teeth are a full tooth space ahead of where they should be, my upper jaw is too narrow, I have crowding on my top and bottom teeth, and my wisdom teeth are impacted and are putting pressure on my othe teeth. So basically I’m gonna have all four wisdom teeth cut out and two more teeth pulled to make room for the top front teeth to move back. I’m getting a metal bar (different from a pallet expander) put in to widen my top jaw and hold my back teeth in place, and I’m getting top and bottom braces. It’s gonna be 2-3 years before the braces can come off and I’ll get my retainers. I’m extremely excited to finally be fixing my teeth as they are the part of my body I’m most insecure about. I’m also so nervous for how painful and long this process is gonna be. Any of you guys have corrective orthodontics? How’d it turn out for you guys?


That is such great news to hear ! I too am getting my bad teeth fixed, there was a time that I was only laying in bed for a couple of years and I didn’t brush my teeth much so the damage is done. I brush twice a day now but the good news is I have been going to a college of dentistry to save my mom money. I’ve seen the dentist about 7 times already and still have about 7 left before they are done.

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No idea on the hows never had my teeth worked on as much as i want to get them fixed, my lower front teeth the middle 6 are turned to the right about 30 to 40 anged form the others to being hit the face with a metal bar as a kid they fixed my jaw never the teeth so i get the YAY is going to be fixed and i am so happy to hear that! :smile:
Sadly i got a lot of other body fixing to do first before my teeth as i am a very borken body wise

Great news!

Oh my god guys I’m so excited! I can’t wait to get the braces off and feel pretty :slight_smile: I won’t be scared to get my wedding pics taken, I’ll be so confident!


I had braces in my early teens. My top teeth are perfect but the bottom moved a bit after I lost my retainer, but they’re not bad though. Getting the 4 wisdom teeth removed was painful. I recall feeling poorly for most of a week because of it.

I sure hope I don’t lose my retainer! I’ve heard of teeth shifting back without the retainer

I think braces are cute.

But I had them when I was 13 to 15 and they worked and then I grew and underbite like hell. I have straight teeth and a terrible underbite. I wear Invisalign retainers every night.

I hope my fiancé thinks braces are cute too! >_< is the Invisalign helping the underbite??

I will tell everyone please take care of your teeth.
You may be able to slack off now but then you will be sorry later. You need them for 80-90 ? Years.
So pay now or pay later. :grimacing:


Nope it doesn’t help lol just keeps my teeth straight

Kinda like a retainer?

I will say its a pain in the butt to have braces especially the wire always poking ur gum but don’t let that scare u because it is SO worth it. Ull be much happier in the end after its all said and done i promise u

Yeah, it’s basically a retainer

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I’m so ready, I’m not looking forward to the pain but the end result is gonna be awesome!

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Yea it is believe me. Im so happy i went through the trouble of braces because the end result was so worth it. My advice would be make sure they keep cutting the wire at the back of your gums cause that can poke ur gums and want helped was this piece of wax the ortho gives u, that u can stick back there. And no popcorn that was such a pain. And of course the obvious wear the retainer cause u don’t want all the work to go to waste. But thats awesome ur getting braces ull be pleased im sure.

Thanks for all the advice! No popcorn, I never would’ve thought! I can use all the advice about braces I can get :slight_smile:

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Make sure to floss and brush well, food can easily get stuck between the braces.


I had bad teeth, I went to the dentist after 17 years. I had all my top pulled and my back bottom teeth. I have dentures.

One of my wisdom teeth was impacted, and I got all four out at once. The impacted one was sore for three days, and I needed to use the painkillers they gave me if I wanted to drive anywhere, because the vibrations of the car aggravated it. The other three were fine immediately after. The painkillers took the pain completely away and made me pretty high, which was awesome. The grossest part for me was all the blood I had to swallow. It almost made me throw up, and I can’t even imagine the pain that would have been.

Afterwards, they told me not to eat yogurt, because the bacteria could get into the open wound. They also gave me antibiotics for the week.

I too had pretty messed up teeth, because I used to get sick all the time. Five thousand dollars later, I only have a root canal to go and then I’m good as new! You’re lucky that your teeth are in good condition, even if they’re a bit out of place. That is fixable. The damage I did to my teeth can never be undone. I needed two crowns and like sixteen fillings.

@Bipolar_Bear definitely gonna keep up on the flossing!! They already told me that one :slight_smile:

@cj9556 so far your advice has had the most info I didn’t already know. It makes me feel a lot better knowing that it didn’t hurt for a super long time after you got them taken out. That’s such a relief. I did not know about the yogurt! Good thing you told me that before I went and stocked up on soft foods. Is apple sauce and mashed potatoes good for after the surgery? I’m sure I’ll be taking the pain killers and I hope they give me antibiotics too, I get staph infections easily. I’m so glad I’m getting all this information