Finally gave Abilify a try

Ok, so last year in December I was asking y’all for advice on Abilify and the side effects etc. Tried it and…wow I only tried it once and had some weird side effects. I took it in the morning with food, as prescribed, and luckily I tried it on a day i had nothing to do because when I sat down to fold laundry I immediately fell asleep. When I finally was able to wake up (4 hours later), I was massively overheated. My face felt so hot, like when you take a b vitamin complex without food, and I could barely stand without becoming lightheaded amd sweaty. I had to do some chores and all day i was sick and sweaty. It lasted until the next day, the sick, nauseated dizzy and overheated feeling. And I was starting with only 2mg!
So, obviously it did not work for me. I haven’t tried new meds in about 5 or 6 years, due to a severe reaction to haldol. What I’ve tried (that I can remember) that did not work at all or i had severe side effects:
Zyprexa, Risperidone, Geodon, Latuda, Haldol, Remeron, and now Abilify
I finally landed on Seroquel because it kind of worked and didn’t give me horrific side effects (still side effects but tolerable I guess) but it doesn’t do a whole lot besides keep me lucid and sedated. So here are some questions. PDoc suggested either invega or abilify. Abilify sounded like it would be better (more energy, no paranoia or delusions) but apparently my body said nope. So whats invega all about? Pros, cons?
But bigger question, what other meds should I give a shot that’s out there? I’m going to take some college classes in the fall and I want to have my meds figured out before then. And I know it’s basically just a crap shoot where you have to keep trying them until you find something that “works”, but I am open to suggestions on what’s worked for you guys!

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Invega injections has been good for positive symptoms. But not negative, I’ve been allowed to try Abilify Maintena next time I’m gettin an injection. Hoping it will give some energy among other things.

Thanks! How does invega work? I know they said that abilify works on dopamine and serotonin, do you know how invega acts?

Is abilify a med that builds in the system, or is it different? I know some meds the side effects lessen over.time and some they build.
And any meds out there worth giving a chance? That aren’t so sedating I can’t function? Thanks

Yes I think abilify is very powerful even on a lowest doses I can feel awful

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Thanks for this I was wondering if it was just me!
What works for you?

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Ur welcome.

I am too afraid to go on another one. Because abilify is meant to be most activating
Also it is not significantly anticholinergic
I hear med swaps can trigger positive symptoms and that’s another thing I don’t want

Ok, are you able to manage your symptoms right now without meds? Or is there something that you take that works? I’ve been thinking about trying the lions name extract

Yea I’m able to manage them by that I mean I try my best to tolerate them cos I’m not into supplements myself.
Wat would u take lions mane for

I read that it can help with positive symptoms? There’s a thread on it somewhere and some people said they had great results. I’m ready to give anything a shot

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Good luck with it hope it helps you