Finally ending our quarantine

My daughter stayed at her dad’s because my husband was sick. But she’s finally coming back home. She’ll be here soon. I can’t wait!


My quarantine ends the 3rd of February. I dont know what I’m going to do the first I got to buy cat litter and give my partner gas money. I hate being away from doing anything I hate social interactions but at the same time I kind of crave in a weird way.

I’m so glad to hear your daughter is coming back.


Yay! This time chain her to a post so she doesn’t leave again. Kidding!

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Lol. I was referring to my 20 year old. But yeah, the 15 year old is here too. She’s been good for the last 3 weeks luckily @Sunlion

Being quarantined can be very isolating. Maybe do video calls or FaceTime? That might help

So far all I’ve been able to do is face book messenger. I’ve messaged a few friends from group. One got married and she wanted me to be there. I felt terrible telling her I couldnt

Yeah, that’s really hard. Was she forgiving?

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A little she hasnt really been talking to me.

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I’m sorry. Hopefully she’ll come around and start talking to you again

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