Getting to see my baby girl

Well I’m getting to see my baby girl Saturday! As some of y’all know my biological daughter is adopted and I get to see her from time to time! Saturday is one such day I was able to eat gluten free mac and cheese (I got my upper teeth removed and a denture put in yesterday and it looks like I’ll get to eat pizza Saturday with my daughter!


Have you seen her since the adoption?

Prepare yourself for a lot of emotions.

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@anon54386108 yes I have (right around Thanksgiving)

@anon54386108 or was it Halloween

You are lucky,

My son lives out of the country and I see him only when his family comes back to the states.

But he’s getting older and they are looking to move here permanently,

So I’ll see him more then.

Enjoy seeing your daughter and enjoy the pizza.


@anon54386108 I’m so sorry about your kiddo but at least he’ll be near you soon and get to see him soon! Good luck with him and thank you

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That’s great!!! How often do you see her? How old is she?

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@CoCo at least several times a year… She’ll be 3 in May!

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That’s such a fun age!!! Enjoy!!! :slight_smile:

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@CoCo yes I will have to agree!.. Although she has a wicked temper

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Lol! Don’t they all haha

@CoCo I guess lol

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My daughter never went through the terrible twos. She went through the terrible threes

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