Finally, a piano I can trust


Is Craig’s list always this odd and freaky? As some people know, I destroyed my kid sister’s piano last week when I could see it growing and humming and moving around the flat. I rolled it outside and it ended up on the slope and rolled into the street where it got hit by the garbage truck. She started piano when she was 3 and our gran taught her. She has taken and taught lessons ever since. Kid sis is getting another one.

I keep thinking that the piano will bring the vibes of where it’s from with it. Because of it’s size and the fact that it is an instrument, and gets human interaction , it absorbs what is around it. I’m trying to be logical, but I can’t help this feeling.

Ad one on Craig’s list is a red flag job if I ever saw it. He won’t post pictures of the piano, doesn’t want to. She can only see it late at night, that’s when he’s home. She has to come alone, (his mother is sensitive to noise) he lives in a gated community and doesn’t want to give her the gate code so he has to meet her in a parking lot and drive her to his place. His mother is conservative so please wear a nice, respectable dress and heels… Who wears a dress and high heels to move a piano?
She eventually said no thank you. No Ted Bundy pianos.

Ad two and three just was bad, ad four wanted a picture of the kid sis and if she was pretty enough could have the piano after a date. No manipulating pianos in the house.

ad five was a piano in a church and wanted us to sit through the sermon before we could see the piano. Piano would be $100. so she asked what the sermon was on… (keeping marriage pure as in man and woman only.) That is not the view point of anyone in our family so NO. I keep thinking that the piano will cary the vibes of where it comes from so… NO! no homophobic pianos in the house.

Is Craigslist always such a freak show? I can’t have a craigslist piano here… I know I’ll end up pushing it into the street again.

Finally this morning a community center that i used to work at has been donated two brand new pianos and the kid sis can have the older one for free. All we have to do is move it. Finally a piano I can trust. Do other people get the feeling that things bring attitude/ vibes into a place?


Absolutely! What you put into something is what it’ll give back, and if there is negative energy in something, it will affect the place it’s in negatively. I’m glad you found a good piano, maybe it’ll need tuning, a little repair work, but if it has good energy in it, it’ll be worth the work!


Thank you for that. I was hoping I just wasn’t being weird again. The piano I killed was inherited from our grandmother, it had very warm tones. This piano comes from the “kids theater” section so I hope it’s as fun as that room is. Some little kid got to the keys with finger paint so there are multi colored little kid fingers all over it. The sis thinks that’s sort of sweet.


Aww! That’s so cute, I’m sure it’ll be a wonderful addition to your home.


Ugh, Craigslist is always full of creepy people. But the one where she had to dress up in heels was SUPER sketchy. I’m glad she didn’t do that.

And I totally agree about objects carrying the energy from where they came. I feel very sensitive to this energy. I know it might sound weird, but I do a “cleansing” ritual on things I get. Basically just burning sage and commanding positive energy into things. It def makes me feel better.

I’m SO glad that you found her a new piano. I play piano myself, and I know there’s a bond between the piano and the player. Even though it’s an object, it’s kind of like and extension of whoever plays it. So I can imagine she’s pretty happy to be playing again.




I’m happy you found the right piano.

I do also have feelings for stuff. I wouldn’t have bought those other pianos either.


Burning sage is a great way to cleanse negativity from an object or area, I have friends who do it regularly to their houses. You use a hand fan, traditionally made from feathers, to move the smoke around, to get it to envelop the object as much as possible. This is called “smudging”, and has its roots in Native American tradition. You want to take care, though, as often the practice of smudging is appropriated by non-native groups, and there is a lot of conflicting information as to traditions and specific herbs used for ritual. White sage is the most common, though it’s considered taboo to sell, so it would be better to grow your own and dry it yourself for smudging purposes.



Thank you for that! That was very informative! I’m still kind of new to the practice and was taught by a Wiccan friend.

I’m very interested in many practices and beliefs: Christian, Buddhist, Wiccan, Native American.

I think they all have some wisdom to teach us about ourselves and the world around us.

How did you learn about smudging?




too bad about the piano, your sis sounds great :slight_smile:


Down where I live there are lots of people trying to give away pianos and organs on craigslist. I believe there is this big "free"community that uses something that they got free and when done they advertise as such. I understand what you mean about the instrument causing uncomfortable feelings. I live in a house with instruments and they speak to me from time to time and it is not always pleasant. Some days I have to just leave them in their place (for months at a time) and I treat them like I do when I hear voices from other things (the trees, the water, the rain, etc)… I have a plan for my life that I believe in (I believe that it is a genuinely good plan) and if voices contradict that plan then I ignore them (even if they come from unexpected places). My plan includes making sure I don’t harm others and myself and works out from there. It can get complicated at times but that is what my treatment team is for. I am sorry to hear that you have had to experience what you described. It must be troubling hearing that your sister is so dear to you. I have faith that you will sort it out in the best way possible. It is good that you are being cautious about Craigslist, it can be difficult to navigate.


also forgot to mention that I agree with your feeling that things can bring bad vibes into a space. I believe that objects can be a medium for bad if they were created for bad or by evil. It might also be our duty to nullify that evil by doing good with it. I am a big believer in balance. I concur with your feelings though.

Good question.


I practice a branch of Paganism with strong Native roots, I’ve had several teachers from various Native backgrounds, and all of them smudged. I know to walk a house clockwise, to use loose sage (not a stick) in a bowl or half a sea shell, to use a fan to move the smoke to where it needs to be, and to treat the sage and the smoke thereof with the proper respect. No smoking cigarettes while smudging (though tobacco smoke has its own ritual properties, the additives in cigarettes and the purpose of them can pollute the sage smoke), and make sure to get all the doors and windows, particularly around any cracks. The idea is to create a protective barrier, so negative energy can’t find its way into the house, as well as purifying any negativity already present. Oh, and don’t forget to disconnect any smoke detectors, or it’ll be a very noisy ritual!


I’m sorry if I sound like a jerk here, but I laughed pretty hard when I read the piano got rolled into the street and got hit by a garbage truck.


I completely understand… It was classic comedy, :wink: garbage truck… fine… Piano? Nothing left.

But just got the one from the community center unloaded. It has to be cleaned and yes, it needs tuning. It’s an upright and for what’s its been through, it’s in pretty good shape. It’s outside under the backyard awning. It’s protected from the rain. When it’s clean and cleansed it can come inside tomorrow. Then tuned.


Cool! Hope it sounds good.


can you play piano @SurprisedJ ? maybe your sis can teach you :smile: that would be awesome,


wow i am glad your sis did not go to any of those peoples’ houses i got worried for her, (note to self do not ever, ever go on craigs list , freaky is not the word for it ! )
i am glad she is getting a piano it is a beautiful thing to hear some one play.
place crystals on top of the piano, clear quartz but any will do .
wipe down the area with lavender oil ( can stain wood so be careful )
place sprigs of fresh rosemary on top and underneath the piano ,rosemary absorbs negative energy.
bowl of salt crystals does the same thing.
rowan is right smudging is a great protective thing to do.
take care


Not nearly as well as she does. I plink around. I learned guitar instead. It was too hard to sit still through an entire song.


Wow, I had no idea why she needed salt, rosemary and sage to clean a piano, but she’s on it. Thank you for the knowledge. Now I understand.

A vacuum to get the dead spiders out helped too. It will come inside in the morning.


I just saw this post and I don’t mean to make light of anything at all, but to be honest this original post had me rolling! Your piano plight just tickled me for some reason. Thanks for the post.