A "darkness" in my house

Back about 5 years ago I sensed a “dark presence” in one area corner of my living room but never really paid any attention to it…until a Lousiana woman came over and said “did you know there is a darkness in this corner here? I sense it.” Blew my mind…she did some kind of ceremony in the corner with lighting a falling match and some hoodoo she did…it didn’t get rid of the darkness and I believe it is my Grandfather crying from hell. the darkness I was hoping would stay in Arizona but now it’s in my closet in my bedroom…I keep the door shut but it just kind of “sits” on the door…It doesn’t scare me but I know it’s not a “good” presence. It’s a “bad” presence.

I talked out my post with Nancy and she said I sound delusional…I’m feeling the presence is what creeps me out…am I just bullshitting myself?

I really dunno man, I do know that you could try a banishing from someone who is certified. (totally not that guy)

I guess that would be the only way to make me feel o k about it…I doubt there is one in my town…

DIY?? I dunno.15 character

I don’t want to piss it off like I did in Tulsa it seemed stronger after we tried the falling match hoodoo stuff…

For the first time ever I think I am imagining the darkness…it was in the closet bedroom in Arizona and now it’s in the closet bedroom in my bedroom…sure…sha…as if…hahaha…

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Please discuss with your doctor…


Most people don’t believe in this stuff, but there are portals on different places on the earth. Some large, some small. In Kentucky, I went to a Waffle House and got a really dark murky creepy feeling. It got really strong… Later on, I talked with a haiki friend in the area… she mentioned some portals in the area, and one was in Waffle House. D: I asked her more about it, and she said it was towards the back a little, which was actually very close to where I was sitting.

Maybe the first darkness was real and the second is not. Or maybe neither were real. You could have gotten the mental perception that darkness was in the corner, and the person you mentioned got the same perception. As far as your grandfather, I would think that if hell is real, a person would receive a finality without question, so they couldn’t possibly reach earth from that realm.


I have to be careful, because when my mood shifts down a bit, I can get paranoid and a bit delusional - but even when my mood is ok, I get vibes off of different places and people, maybe it is some kind of gift - you know very good intuition.
The other day I was waiting for my parents in a new dentists office, in the waiting room, and I got a very dark and negative feeling about the receptionist - assistants and of the place itself

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The fact that the lady sensed the darkness in the same place lends validity to it…being that is most likely a spirit or energy of some sort. You have a witness.
Banish it, bind it, appease it, convert it…there are many ways to deal with it. Some people have the ability to convert energy. But all these things you would need to learn how to do.

Just having the belief that a dark presence is possible is what can bring about thoughts and feelings like that.

Release yourself from the idea and it’s power will weaken. Aka the power of the idea that a dark presence could take up space in your room

Interesting. I get delusional and a bit paranoid when my mood is up

Having bipolar type 1 with psychotic features on both ends of the spectrum - I can get a bit out there when I am depressed and full blown manic - not so much hypomania - but yeah its common to have psychosis when on the up side of things also - I can also find myself being out of touch when mixed - manic and depressed at the same time

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My grandmother, an evil woman, died from a long struggle with Alzheimer’s. Near the end, all she did was sit in her chair every minute except when she was asleep in bed.

After she had died, I was living at that house. One night I woke up from sleeping on the sofa and looked over at that chair. I could have sworn I saw her sitting there in the darkness. It freaked me out.

Of course I was schizophrenic, and at least half asleep. I don’t, these days, believe she was there but then it freaked me out.

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It’s really odd to me that only after finally posting again about the dark presence that I began to see by my writings that it was just residual paranoia…it’s never really bugged me but the more I think about it it was always at the back of my mind. I feel free now from believing in the dark presence…


put rosemary in the cupboard and salt, trapped entities/ghosts don’t like that.
take care

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There has always been a few spirits or some presence in every house I have lived (total of 4 houses) and in the 2nd one, we lived across the street from an old cemetary and Indian burial ground. That is when things got strange, remote controlled toy fire truck went on as I walked past it, and I couldn’t get it to stop,
I opened the battery door to take them out, but none were in there.
The next house had the spirit of the guy who died in it, we saw him a few times, and the middle bedroom stayed about 45 degrees summer or winter.
Then this house I’ve been in for the last 21 years, has had the most crazy-making darkest, most unreal things happen on a daily basis. I can’t even go into detail, but someday it would make a good movie.

So @jukebox, it isn’t too unrealistic to think your grandpa has moved with you, but sounds like you have some unfinished business with him that needs to be dealt with before you both can have peace. If your grandpa was good to you he might just be trying to support you as you go through some tough times.
If he wasn’t good to you, maybe he is trying to ask for your forgiveness.

the last years of my grandfather’s life I didn’t go visit him because of how he beat/abused my mom and her sisters and brother…the brother was never normal ever since he left home at 13 after a brutal beating…I won’t disclose all he did, but he didn’t believe in God so I don’t hold it against him…I know now that my grandfather is indeed gone and nothing can bring him back…it’s just that my grandfather’s ghost on my father’s side came to see me the instant he left the earth, late at night…my room mate witnessed it too…drawers knocking around in my bedroom and then a white sheet like vision sitting in the chair…

I always find it interesting that this only happens to select people. I’ve lived in several different houses and have never noticed anything