Anybody else get into fights in school?

I got into many. Mostly during elementary but nearly every year I was in at least one fight. Is there a reason for this? Did I just not fit in enough to gain people’s trust? Appreciation? Enjoyment?

I was afraid mostly to get into fights. But mostly poeple left me alone.

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One thing that really alienated me was when I moved from the horrible city that is Pontiac to suburban paradise (as some would say) and my 5th grade teacher just didn’t like anything about me. I’m using slang and ideas from the city and my teacher would just flat out say no it’s not like that. I’m a 9 year old kid and all I know is what the city taught me and this lady is telling me it’s not real, that they are different. It really crushed me because I think that encouraged people to hate me.

I beat up kids who picked on my brother or who picked on the special ED students. I think my heart was in the right place but I had serious rage issues. Like instead of running to tell a teacher, I would just tackle Little Johnny to the ground and latch onto his arm with my jaw.


My younger cousin would be the one to knock the fat kid to the ground and jump on him while singing, “trampoline, trampoline!”

Nope. I had no friends in elementary school. The other children avoided me and now I know why D: . I was bullied for being a “nerd” and “weird” kid but I got smart enough to degrade them…

No kidding it is kinda sad. Like some girl in 6th would make fun of my clothes or limp and I’d respond like “Arguing with you is pointless. You obviously can’t comprehend rational actions and revert to pitiful mocking to get your frustration out. ■■■■ of.”

I recall in 4th grade screaming “Shut the hell up you as$hole” on the school bus. I never could fight due to leg issues/leg braces.

I have friends now though don’t worry! They are understanding and quirky like me :slight_smile: .

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The most fighting I did was around the time when I moved to a new neighborhood and my father and mother split. Otherwise I got into a lot of scrapes with my brothers.

You guys are my friends now.

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Daww I feel the same way :blush:

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Incoming rant

On that subject, I can see why now my friends didn’t like me. They didn’t like how I posed my opinion as I do. Well that just means they don’t know how to form their own beyond being confronted on it. Some of it may have been delusion, I’m not sure. Which still I rather enjoyed the battling of ideas to see which one holds out. Some people just hold their opinion back until you are alone with them then play friendly when others are around. Others play friendly all the time then rat you out when you aren’t there. One is just so far down the rabbit hole he doesn’t want to get out and expects others to support him on this. I’m sure they would all be pissed if they read this. Which they should, then they will realize their is something wrong with them besides just me and have the chance to build a better character. But yet I bet they would just make excuses for themselves and talk about how I’m the flawed one. But nobody’s perfect so doing nothing to improve yourself makes no sense.

Rant over.

When I got older you had to push me really hard to get me to fight, but there were times when it was a good thing that I worked out, and knew how to fight. The fights I got into when I was little were pretty tame affairs, and we usually became good friends afterwards.

I didn’t get in many fights in school. I got in a few but I lost them all. One was a tie. I don’t like to fight, but every now and then I really get an urge to pound on someone who is pushing me to my limit or is taking advantage of me. I scared a couple of people at this house I’m living at when they tried to intimidate me but it didn’t come to blows. Hey, 77nick77 can only put up with so much. I try to be friendly to people. It makes me happier to be nice than to hit someone. But 77nick77 can only put up with so much. Life in the big city for this country boy is not easy. I miss John Denver sometimes.

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I was the same way, only my deal was using a backpack full of text books as a weapon…put a couple kids in the hospital, one in a coma…I hated my teachers because the school I went to was one fo those trapped in the 50s where jocks were treated special…well about the time I broke the star quarterbacks arm for punching my little brother in the face? They started to realize how dangerous it was to let them do that without anyway to make it look good for the school…

If anyone wants to know…I broke the QBs arm pretty badly, I grabbed him by the wrist and literally twisted until I heard six different crunching noises…he passed out after just two…and this was all LONG before I was diagnosed with anything…I was one mean Muthafucka!!!

granted two days later the entire defensive line cornered me in gym after school…but I may have ended up with a busted jaw and a crack sternum, but I’m pretty sure four of those guys never went on to have kids!

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Yeah. Fair number. Autistics don’t fit in well.

No but there are always those drunk kids walking on campus that want to fight everyone and ■■■■. And are always pissed off. I don’t get it y would alcohol make u so angry. All i feel is the amazing numbing sensation. In short alcohol is fantastic. Though the angry drunks should stop drinking

yeah, I got into fights in school. maybe I regret it now :frowning:

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