Fellow schizophrenic, my family ignored my problems

I self diagnosed after my dna test. I always knew i was schizoprehnic. Always… my family thought that not telling me was a solution. anwyways… my life has been hampere,d and I want to me medicated. I cant go further down the drain anwyays. Can you guys tell me good medication for a mild schizophrenic?

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You can’t get meds unless they’re prescribed by a professional.
Most won’t do that until they’ve given you an official diagnosis.

You should see a psychiatrist and tell them why you think you’re schizophrenic.


Not a big fan of self diagnosis, sorry.


What are ur symptoms…!!! If i u dont mind me asking…!!!

dude… every symtpom

i don’t ever change facial expresions… when i was 13 i locked mylself in my own room for 2 days scared of a person

i quit every college and job ive had… let me see… there are more

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also i have the rs4129148(C;C)

Whats that…???

7x more likely to be schizo

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How old are you now?
And do you have any psychotic symptoms or delusions?

I don’t want to diminish your experiences, but what you described could be nothing.

Don’t self-diagnose, it will cause you to act a certain way and make up symptoms where there are none.
Go to a professional and get a diagnosis from someone who really knows about these things.


Dude theres no way i am not schizo

i never had visuals, but my day is a struggle screaming by myself remmebering all the ■■■■ moments in my life
i scream every 10 minute or so by myself

That could also be OCD, anxiety, or some form of autism.
If you’re so sure of your diagnosis, then having a professional confirm it so you can get medication shouldn’t be a problem.


How did you come to that conclusion. There is nothing mild about schizophrenia, it is a very disabling illness man

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Sounds more like a personality disorder.

You also arnt suppose to be posting here under influence. I don’t think you have sz dude.
@moonbeam maybe let this person know about the guidelines?

You need to see a doctor. Then your diagnosis will be clear. You could be or you couldnt

See a pdoc as soon as possible…!!! Plz get help as soon as possible…!!!

Why do you scream?

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I knew something was terribly “wrong” with me and that I had suffered and was suffering as a result. I thought I had Aspergers and went to a psychologist to be tested for that. I didn’t get diagnosed with Aspergers, but I did get diagnosed with Schizophrenia. And then the journey really began.
You need to go to a professional to get an official diagnosis so that you know for sure what you’re dealing with. You may be right and you may be wrong about having sz. That’s not really the point. The point is finding out for sure so you can make educated decisions about what to do next to help yourself function better. :heart:


@someone123. Please do t post while drunk. It’s against forum guidelines.

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