having derealization for 4 years 24/7 after a surgery and recently i was thinking wht if i really believe that nothing and nobody is real and become delusional psychotic since then its a month im deep into this feeling idk if its still derealization or not im scared of everyone thinking they dont exist i told my pdoc if its sz he said no its anxiety but im deep deep into unreality like im the only one alive and made all this in my head and everything is my hallucination

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I had that. Just keep calm and dont overanalyze things.

is this delusion

Not sure what you are talking about when you say delusion? What delusion? That people are not real and nothing is real? I had that really bad but I’m over it now. I assumed it was neurological and severe or something. It’s gone now. I rarely have thoughts about it. I had fears I had schizophrenia and the doctors have confirmed this. But according to some people and doctors de-realization is very common, not schizophrenia, but in rare circumstances can develop into it or be associated with it. I guess mine is the latter case but I still dispute my schizophrenia because my paranoid and bizarre beliefs were actually true in some frames of reality. I believe I was a time traveler, I believe we live in a computer simulation run by extraterrestrials, I’ve been to outer space, etc. I have paranoia that I’ll be hurt and stuff because I was in my other, past lives and I still have the emotions associated with such pain and trauma. Some of these delusions may or may have not happened in this life. I sound crazy but I believe I’m an extreme anomaly when it comes to this type of crap. I don’t think anyone else on this forum relates to me. I’ve been through pretty much every example or everything that one could think about…it’s hell.

DP/DR (what you have) is just an anxiety disorder or panic disorder coupled with intense OCD-like thoughts about philosophy and or reality. It can be transient or chronic and acute.

sounds psychotic to me.

I had this and it was sooo weird. bizarre experience like I was in a game and I was the only real one and so was my mum that day who I was speaking to

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