Feeling unproductive

I have nothing to do at the moment. Or more precisely, I’m both physically and mentally tired to do anything. Well, yeah, at least I can come up with these boring sentences and type them in. I have some things I’d do otherwise: completing a painting, reading papers, lace knitting, etc. I’m just wasting time and feeling unproductive.

I’m resting on a sofa. Resting AT WILL feels good. Resting for other reasons outside my control simply sucks.

The body and the mind do need a rest, sometimes it’s out of our hands when they want to do it. I’d say, enjoy any rest you get and hopefully tomorrow will be better then today.

I find if I have a lot of stuff facing me, I shut down and then feel tired again. So when I do have a lot of stuff facing me, I just try and do one thing. Then I go for a walk and do something I enjoy. Then I do a second thing, then I go do something else.

If what I have facing me is big, I’ll ask for help.

I started feeling depressed, so I ate some yogurt with rapsberry jam my mom had made for me yesterday, and then did some stretching, took 1mg of risperidone then just laid down on the bed for a while.

It worked!
Now I feel better! I’m surprised how these little things can change how I feel!

Yes, it’s important to ask for help when things are bigger than you.
Thank you for the comment.


I’m glad your feeling better already. :smile: Good for you for letting this passing mood pass on by.

When I stared getting better, what really helped me was getting out of my negative thinking.

I would sit and think… NOTHING will help, noting will make me feel better. I’m having a hard day and it’s the beginning of the end.

But then small things would make me feel better. A nice walk in the park, or some time to sit under a nice tree and just enjoy the bird song. Or my sis would have me try something new… like a new type of jam, or a new type of food and that would be sort of nice treat.

It’s amazing how many little things can make a big difference.


I guess getting out of negative thinking is the first step of getting better :wink:

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@bananatto,good luck,things can change to the good or bad for us schizophrenic,but lets face our day positively