Feeling uneasy about the Airbnb downstairs. Always new faces

Downstairs is an Airbnb. Our gardens are right next to each other with no fence in between although the different styles of hardwood decking make it obvious it is two separate gardens.

Thing is I am afraid to sit out in my garden. I have to smoke outdoors which makes this difficult. It’s just so awkward when I go out to smoke and they are sat like half a yard away in their garden (our gardens are tiny

What should I do? Just suck it up and don’t give a ■■■■ or what?


Plus I don’t have the best sleep and often go out to smoke at like 2am. I walk on tip toes and try and unlock my door as quietly as possible but it’s a loud door.

It has gotten so bad I leave my door unlocked for fear of waking them up. This is really upsetting me


As my friend from IOP put it so lovingly when I was freaking out about what people were thinking of me:

No one gives a sht. Lol

Theyre out there at the airbnb because they have a goal in mind whether it be vacation or visiting friends w/e. It is highly unlikely they care even a little bit if someone who actually lives there goes out to the patio to smoke once in awhile. Hell they might even join you if you asked! :smiley:

Point is I know its hard but try to keep things in perspective. You do everything you can to make theur stay as pleasant as possible and youre not even the proprietor. If they dont see that then theyre a bunch of a$$holes and you got nothing to worry about


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