Feeling uncomfortable about the guesthouse underneath my flat

New people are always coming and going. They sometimes sit in my garden thinking it is actually the guest houses garden.

The guest house advertises on a very popular online site. The guests get to unilaterally leave scathing comments about me and I have no route of recourse.

On multiple occasions there have been drugs used on the property. I don’t care about that really but on guest in particular was smoking weed all day and slammed all his doors and shouted at his dog

All this means I feel uncomfortable in my own house. Don’t know what to do

That sounds like a bad deal. Sorry you have to deal with that. Is it bad enough that you might consider moving? I don’t know what else you might do about that besides maybe complaining to the landlord.

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The noise and smoking isn’t really that bad. I just get so afraid going outside for a cigarette in case I bump into a new guest. There is no fence between my flat and theirs. Just feels really unsettling

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