Feeling the urge to go binge some sunshine!

well i have a slight tan, from time outside, it’s almost end of summer and now im thinking i should go soak up the sun for the final month of summer. i started april out laying out in the sun a couple hours a day, but was bored with that by may and stopped. now i only get sun when im mowing the yard or outside doing yard work. i find it’s easier to get sun while your busy with an activity as opposed to just laying out in the sun trying to catch some rays, the latter is a little brutal i think. maybe i could do it if i had a pool. but i have some yard work to do today, high of 90 degrees today, so i’ll get a little sun. one thing i learned this summer is i will never be pedro tan haha. he’s got me beat.


Nice ! Go 4 it.

Just came back from a walk here in Toronto.

The sunshine is bright here today.


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