Feeling terrible:(

Someone left a nasty, Sexual note on my door. I think I’m being stalked. :frowning: I feel so scared.

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really? any ideas who did it?

I have a few suspects in mind.

Eh, if they have to do it anonymously they’re a coward without the huevos to follow through in real-life. Don’t let the actions of a spineless, yellow-bellied, sap-sucker get to you. Go about your business with a bounce in your step. Best part: If you are being stalked, this will just hack off your stalker and ruin his/her day.




Lol good point Sir. I dig your espanol

Are you in a tenant building?..

I’d tell the Superintendent or Owners what happened…would even consider calling the Police if you feel you’re being threatened.


Yes, it’s a tenant building.

that sucks azteccelt, i think i would report something like that to the police, it might just be a prank but i wouldnt take the chance. have you noticed anything suspicious lately? (probably what the police would ask) lol, hope this helps.


I agree with Patrick and Daydreamer. Report it to the police. They won’t be able to act on your report right away, but it will start a process. If the stalker persists you can make more reports, and hopefully the police could find a legal way to lock the person up.