Feeling off today


Today I feel anxious, restless and tired all at the same time. I also left my phone at the pharmacy today and am embarrassed they saw the paper I taped over the cameras on my phone. I know it’s weird but I just don’t want the men looking at me.


Me too, and I was that way yesterday too. Gave in and took Klonopin today to try to simmer down. Hope we both feel better soon!


I go to county mental health and they don’t allow sleeping aids or any controlled substances, like clonapin, at all.


Feel better soon @Pianogal!


Thanks @Wave 1515


How are you feeling now?


I deal with anxiety and restlessness a lot, too. Hope you feel better soon @Pianogal!


A litter better now. Thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks @disciple


Sorry you feel bad, I felt the same Wed, I took the day off, but my stomach turned all day, hard for me to rest


That really sucks @Mountainman. I’m glad you’re better now.


I’m glad it’s moving forward!