Feeling low and depressed

Sometimes when I can not sleep and I feel low and depressed, I listen some happy music such as Marina Devyatova from Russia, what about you? This music makes me happy again.

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I also listen to happy music. I watch a good tv show and spend time with my pets when I feel down. I’m careful to not let things get me down, though. I can tell when something is not good for me. I stay away from things that can get me down.

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I am heavily influenced by the tone of music I listen to and have learned what bands make me feel better and what bring me down…for instance, I don’t listen to some music because I used to enjoy it with my ex…it’s confusing because some of it is what used to make me happy, but because it reminds me of my ex, it brings me down…confusing? Yes ! Bands like Led Zeppelin and the harder bands cheer me up for some reason…

Hey jukebox, I am sorry for the breakup. I’m divorced myself, after a while you get used to it, life does go on and things do get better. I hope you feel better soon mjseu

Thanks Wave, I am getting better…learning that life alone doesn’t have to suck like I first thought…I want to learn oil painting some more and just be myself to heal? I quit trying to be so hard on myself and blaming “me” for the break up…it really just kind of was time for a new start for both of us…thanks for the caring words !

Im getting into Art again myself. Today I did so more drawings with ink, it lets me express what im feeling in a healthier way. Yeah never blame yourself, I did a lot of that in the beginning, then I realized it was time to split up and its ok.
Stay strong and its cool that you are into music and art. I will keep going on with my art, I find it good therapy