Feeling lonely

I hardly have any friends and feel lonely most of the time.

I sometimes use the website meetup and attend events to avoid the loneliness and try to make new friends, but doesn’t work, as I’m socially awkward.

I’m still determined, but sometimes I just want to give up. I’m just going to be alone forever.


Have you considered trying to meet people who have a similar passion as you?

For example, pick up a hobby such as jogging, bowling, playing cards, politics, religion, etc and then you’ll have something in common with the person that you both can talk about and enjoy.

Good for you for keeping up with meeting new people even after it doesn’t go well. It gets easier eventually. Social skills are a learned behavior, and it takes a lot of practice and embarrassing moments to get it right.


Well, I already have a couple of hobbies. The meetup events that I go to are groups to do with being shy.

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Thank you…

Maybe try the opposite, go to meetups with outgoing people? They will be more talkative, lively, and maybe more likely to make friends or plans to meet up again.

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I feel your pain. I’m only sometimes socially awkward but when I’m not I’m over the top with energy and talk too much. I can’t find the medium. I feel people treat me unfairly…I’m very easy to talk to but at work they know I have a disability and think down on me for it. The girl ignores me even though I’m just as capable and 6 years older than the bitch.

Here’s a thread you might find useful :

I don’t have any friends where I live. I do speak to a couple of guys in the local pub but that is about it. I live very near family but I do feel lonely. I have put too much weight on to consider talking to girls.

You have friends here. We care about you. I was very similar to you when I was young. I still do have few friends, but it doesn’t hurt as bad now. Maybe you could work on having a few, close friends instead of a large number of superficial friends. It helps to have someone you can confide in.

You can be alone, but not to feel loneliness, sometimes it is difficult to find friends, we here on the forum are just digital beings that can not replace any real humans in our lives, I would suggest you to go to some events where you can meet people.

I like this.
Sometimes it is only form I want to be.

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Yeah, new Internet technologies enable us to live more and more isolated from others, there are probably people who are totally digital, digital beings without any real life or any real relations such as friends.

You look very pretty in your avatar? I can’t imagine why you would have trouble making friends. I guess being shy hurts you a bit. Fight it. You will do better I hope soon.

[quote=“Kuro, post:1, topic:35135”]
I’m just going to be alone forever.
[/quote]Already acknowledged that myself two years ago. People still heavily stigmatize people with SZ & make sharp social & physical demands of us, two aspects we have a hard time experiencing in life due to inept brains… so yeah, I’m perfectly fine being a recluse - people back in the old days did a lot & more and more today are doing it as well.

This life is too sufferable & I am my best ally.

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Regardless of what I look like I still have trouble.

I guess being shy gets in the way.

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Thank you……………

I’ve never really wanted loads and loads of friends, but few close friends. Just haven’t made any so far. I’ve made a couple of online friends, but it’s not the same.

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It maybe just your personality, introverted people have just few friends and they enjoy being alone with these few friends, while not being comfortable in larger group events.

Hi!like someone mentioned try n find friends that have similar interests as u!its really hard to find good friends but once u do, well it’s just great especially if they are judgemental!As for being shy it’s really a good quality all u need though is a boost of confidence!on ur avatar u look like a really friendly person!just try to find the right kind of friends! I wish u well